Anti-wrinkle cream: at what age do I start to use it?

Hi friends! Today it's time to talk about facial care, specifically about anti-wrinkle cream . What type of creams should we use according to our age? There are many types of moisturizing creams , but each one is designed for a specific care and a specific age.

If you are in the 'limbo' of creams, in this post you will find yours:

The passage of time on our skin: signs of aging

We find skin problems from a very early age, that is why skin care has become one of the main concerns today. The wrinkle cream has had

From puberty, skin problems such as oily skin, open pores, pimples or eczema begin to appear , and when dealing with hormonal problems, they are usually difficult to combat.

This changes when the skin begins to lose its qualities. What are the first signs of aging?

In young skin, there are many fibers of collagen and hyaluronic acid, and healthy fibroblasts. However, as the skin begins to age, collagen and hyaluronic acid fibers are lost, disorganized, and fibroblasts are damaged, with a smoother dermo-epidemic junction.

What does this translate to? The skin loses elasticity and firmness , spots appear, the luminosity is turned off, the level of hydration is reduced and expression lines appear.

Over time, the skin's capacity for self-regeneration decreases , which is why many qualities of the skin diminish:

Undoubtedly, the passage of time takes a toll on our skin, so we must know how to take good care of it at every age.

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Anti-wrinkle cream: at what age do I start to use it?

Age is unforgiving, and the skin knows it well. When we are turning years the skin needs other types of nutrients, and for this reason we find specific creams for each age .

On many occasions we do not give our skin what it needs: using the same cream as your older sister, serums without Vitamin C, dehydrated skin, or not changing the cream from the age of 20 are some of the most common examples.

In this section we are going to differentiate what the skin needs by age, the ingredients and nutrients that will help combat the most general problems . These are the cosmetics that you should use according to your age:

At age 20: hydration and water-based products

Anti-wrinkle cream

All dermatologists agree: at this age the most important thing is the hydration of the skin, to achieve a healthy and luminous appearance . The more hydrated the skin is, the longer it takes for wrinkles to appear.

Young skins need water , and therefore very rich textures can seem a bit heavy at this age. It is good to choose a water-based cream, especially if you have oily skin or blemishes caused by hormonal changes.

What must be taken into account at this age? Start the habit of a good daily facial cleansing . Never go to bed with your makeup on! This will give you healthy-looking skin, and will also delay the signs of aging.

In your daily facial routine you cannot miss a cleansing foam, acne treatment (if any), serum with antioxidants, day and night moisturizer.

In addition, from the age of 25, you can start using eye contour cream , since it is the finest and most delicate area of ​​the face. If you want to know more about the eye contour, in this post you will find everything you need to know.

Sun protection must also be taken into account in this age group, since if we do not use it, our skin can cause problems such as discoloration or hyperpigmentation .

These are some of the creams recommended for 20 to 30 year old skin:

Anti-wrinkle cream

Anti-wrinkle cream

Anti-wrinkle cream

Anti-wrinkle cream


From 30 to 50 years: anti-aging creams with repairing ingredients

Anti-wrinkle cream

At this age is when the first signs of expression begin to be seen. The lack of luminosity, lines in the eyes and signs of fatigue and tiredness make their appearance on our face.

For this reason, it is important to nourish the skin intensely, even more in the 40s, since the problems are more emphasized at this age.

And of course, you have to maintain a daily cleaning routine, in which it is appropriate to introduce a serum , if possible antioxidant, to prevent premature aging.

The skin no longer regenerates so quickly, so we need to help it with peels .

The creams we use should be more nutritious, with vitamins and hyaluronic acid . They also usually contain collagen, to counteract the elasticity that the skin loses at this age.

If you are between 30 and 50 years old, take a look at these creams.

Anti-wrinkle cream

Anti-wrinkle cream

Anti-wrinkle cream

Anti-wrinkle cream

From 50 years: intense nutrition

Anti-wrinkle cream

At this age, menopause takes its toll on our bodies. There is a thinning of the skin, so it sags and we lose the definition of the facial oval .

In addition, our skin dries up. Therefore, the most important thing at this age is to use anti-wrinkle cream with very nutritious ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, fatty acids in vegetable oils or pro-xylane.

Textures rich in lipids are highly recommended, since with them we will achieve a feeling of comfort and they will adapt very well to the skin.

In the facial routine, it will not be necessary to use products such as scrubs or cleansers, since the skin can be damaged excessively. With water it will be enough to rinse the face.

The serum and the eye contour will also continue to be great allies at this age. They must be rich in antioxidants and vitamins C and E.

These moisturizers will enchant you:

Anti-wrinkle cream

Anti-wrinkle cream

Anti-wrinkle cream

Anti-wrinkle cream

Regardless of age, we must take care of the skin every day with our usual routine , to prevent and eliminate any impurities on the face.

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