BB cream: the union between beauty and care

They improve blemishes, equalize the tone, hydrate the skin, protect from the sun ... A product that seems to be the authentic perfection made cream. But what exactly are BB creams or BB creams?

In recent years this type of cream has become an essential in our toiletry bag or dressing table. Large, small and medium-sized firms put them in their top launches and there have even appeared brands that are exclusively dedicated to the production of this type of cosmetics.

Today we want to tell you all about them. What are they and what are they for? Are there different types? What are the benefits of using them? And much more. So, settle in that together we are going to discover everything you need to know about BB creams. The cream that everyone talks about!

We will start by telling you, What is a BB cream?

BB cream or BB cream is the acronym for a term from English blemish balm, which if we translate it into our language we understand that it is a "balm or anti blemish cream" or "balm for blemishes".

There are those who say that they are a substitute for make-up bases, there are those who say that it is a moisturizer with color, but although it fulfills all these functions, it is a mixture of all this and a new concept when it comes to cosmetic products. .

A cream with history

There is great controversy about the origin of BB creams, there are those who say that they were born in Germany and there are those who give the credit to the Korean cosmetic market. After much research, we have discovered that it is Dr. Christine Schrammek, a German woman who in the 60s formulated this cream with the intention of protecting the skin of patients after surgical interventions or facial peels.

His intention was to be able to provide his patients with a cream that had an anti-inflammatory action, that would protect those skins that were sensitive from the sun due to the practice of any skin treatment, and for the reduction of reddish marks or spots.

It didn't take long afterward for its great benefits to be known around the world. But if something is true, it is that the Asian market was the fastest to experiment with this type of cream and turn it into a routine product for the care and beautiful appearance of the skin.

Because of course, who doesn't want to have perfect porcelain skin? And if something is true that after passing through the Asian, American and European markets they did not want to be less and today sales are only increasing, and every day new brands appear that improve this famous formula and make them every more complete.

So far everything is very clear and concise, but you will surely wonder, what exactly is a BB cream for? 

It is a multifunction product , it is a treatment to equalize the skin tone, illuminate the face, give color, nuance, hydrate and you can also combine it with all the treatments, creams or that you want.

What is most striking about this type of cream is its great ability to adapt to all skin types , it is thanks to its unique and linear formula that makes it a cream suitable for any skin type. Although, it is true that we can already find a wide market that adapts and evolves. Now we have different types of BB creams available with different functions depending on the type and tone of your skin.

Finding the best BB cream is not going to be an easy task, there are so many brands, formats and types that finding the one that best suits you is often difficult. But always let yourself be advised by the most experts or let yourself be guided by the opinions of users. You just have to know your skin well to be able to choose the best one for you.

The different types of BB cream

As we anticipated, there is a wide range of BB creams where you can choose the one that best suits your skin type. But remember! To be able to choose the best one, you must always be the one who knows all the aspects of your skin, try to notice when it dehydrates, if it tends to acne, what is the tone that suits you the most, in short, you must be the best friend of your skin.

If you follow these tips, you will know how to choose the best BB cream to obtain the best results. But now we give you some tips to make it easier to choose between one or the other. So you can buy the best BB cream for you.

As for color, there are brands that only have one or two shades. And you may have to search through several brands. So don't be afraid to be critical and try the different shades. Do not despair! You may not get it the first time, this is a long distance race.

You must also take into account its mode of application. It will always be better if you have a special brush, the specific ones for applying fluid makeup are usually the best. In this way, you will notice how it blends better and you will achieve a much more natural and uniform result. But if you have a brush, nothing happens, you can use your hands and apply it as if it were a makeup base or moisturizer.

Although it is true that it seems to be a fairly complete cream, this is not always definitive. To look perfect on your skin, you should be aware that your skin may need other care. An extra hydration, a concealer or a makeup base. Therefore, BB creams are quite complete but not a unique product to replace the aforementioned.

There are BB creams depending on the type of skin (dry, combination skin or BB cream for oily skin). Depending on their texture, they can be fluid or with a creamy finish. They may or may not contain sun protection factor, anti-wrinkle effect, anti-blemish, with or without shine, etc.

As you can see, the variety is extensive, so it only consists of studying your skin and deciding on the one that best suits you.

Once we have already chosen the perfect BB cream for our skin type, our tone and that fits perfectly with the needs that our skin demands:

How to apply the BB cream correctly?

If it is the first time that you are going to use this type of product, the ideal would be that you try to apply in small doses so that you can test which is the finish you want to achieve. You must bear in mind that it is a cream that has color, so if you want a natural appearance it is recommended that you apply little product.

First of all, you should thoroughly cleanse your face before applying the BB cream, this way you will ensure that you do not have traces of makeup or impurities.

Once your face is clean and completely dry, you will apply the BB cream. Above we have commented that it is best to apply it with a special brush , but you can always use a Beauty Blender type sponge or your own hands.

Don't be shocked if you don't immediately appreciate the desired finish. You should give your skin and the tone of the BB cream time to settle, allow a few minutes to assess the final result. Although if you should know something, it is that BB creams generally tend to lighten the skin one to two tones.

So, you know, when it comes to choosing the best BB cream for you, you must be constant. But above all, patient! It is not easy to find the best one the first time. This is a long-distance race that we suggest that we do together.

With all this information on the paper (or the screen), now we want to show you a small selection that we have made so that choosing the best BB cream for you is a somewhat easier task:

On our website you will find a wide range of BB creams for all tastes. But, we have a Korean cosmetic brand that is specialized in having some of the best BB creams on the market, Skin79 in addition to having a great variety is perfect in terms of value for money. You will surely find one that suits your needs.

And now, we want to hear from you! You, have you already found the BB cream or the BB cream that best suits you, the needs of your skin and your tone?

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