What products should I use on my beard?

Using beard products is more than necessary considering that it is your best ally. Did you know that the benefits of maintaining a well-groomed beard are numerous? It keeps facial skin protected, protects against respiratory diseases, protects from pollution, improves attractiveness, and will make you appear wiser and more mature.

Seeing everything he does for us, we should be grateful and give some minimal care to the barb to .

For this we will talk about the following care and products:

We are already starting to list and describe the necessary products for the beard, so read until the end to know them all.

Washing the beard

Neither the hair of the beard is the same as that of the head, nor does the skin of the face have the same characteristics as that of the scalp. That is why when washing the beard it is necessary to use a specific cleaning product.

The shampoo and conditioner Bull Dog is made only with natural products, providing hygiene and respecting the skin softness. Apply the product on a wet beard, massaging from root to tip. When drying, use a clean towel gently.

The correct hydration of the beard

Another beard product that we cannot forget is moisturizer. We specifically recommend oils, as they penetrate better and reach the skin of the face.

Applying the Bulldog beard oil is as simple as spreading the product on our hands and spreading it, penetrating with the fingertips to the skin.

The beard hairstyle

And after hydration, it's time to style your beard. This is the best time, as the oil will lubricate the beard and prevent pulling and tangling. Use a special beard comb, gently and little by little to untangle the dabar without damaging it.

Contrary to popular belief, combing your beard after showering is not a good idea , since at that time the beard hair is more brittle.

Shaving the beard

If at any time you decide that it is time to say goodbye to your beard, or if you want to trim it to avoid loose hairs, using a good beard product is also essential when shaving.

This brand also brings us totally natural products when it comes to shaving. With Bulldog shaving gel the skin is kept protected and damage caused by friction is reduced. The best time is after you shower, as your pores will be wide open. Leave the gel or foam to act for long enough and when it is time to dry, lightly tap with a clean towel.

Now that you know all the essential beard products, stop by and get the one you like the most.




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