Catrice Cosmetics presents its products for the autumn / winter

Catrice Cosmetics, that brand that we all like so much, presents its autumn / winter collection. Catrice Cosmetics  knows how to adapt to what is in fashion by offering products that go on the market ready to leave their mark, and it is that, on average, it innovates a 50% every year. Another feature that makes it different is that 95% of its products are manufactured in Europe; therefore, Catrice Cosmetics is synonymous with variety and innovation.

Without further ado, we are going to describe the novelties of the autumn / winter collection, dividing them into five categories:

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Catrice Cosmetics news

From Catrice Cosmetics they care that you look spectacular eyes and that you have them in a perfect way. Therefore , they have created a myriad of products to meet your needs, among which are the empty palette of four colors Art Couleurs Collection Palette, the illuminators shaped shadow Highlighting Eyeshadow, the mascara Glam & Doll False Lashes Waterproof Mascara, eyeliner liquid Sensitiv'EyesLiquid liner or liner felt tip Glam & Doll Volumizing Mascara Primer.

In addition, we find products such as Art Couleurs Eyeshadow, which has 18 different shades that have a long duration, which gives it an explosion of colors in matte or metallic tones that will make your eyes look spectacular.

The lips are one of the areas of the face that attract the most attention ; therefore, what less than leaving them perfect. Catrice Cosmetics have launched three lipsticks for this season with which you will be the center of everyone's attention: the Liquid Lip Powder, available in both its Metal Matt and Ultra Matt versions, the Volumizing Lip Balm , with which you will have some lips with a lot of volume and, finally, the Ultimate Matt Lipstick that, thanks to its matte finish, guarantees a great dispersion of color and has a lot of combinations.


The face is, probably, the area  that worries us the most and that we take care of the most, since it is what everyone sees and one of our main weapons of seduction. Therefore, in Catrice Cosmetics have launched new and very different products with each other, since we found sponges silicone like Make Up Blender, the illuminators Strobe to Glow Highlighter Stick and Matt to Cheek Blush Stick, the tanner Sun Lover Glow, the Make Up Techniques palette , which allows you to use different makeup techniques, or the Light Correcting Serum primer , which offers a subtle shine effect.


In addition, to demonstrate their versatility, they have created the Prime and Fine Make Up Transformer Drops Waterproof , which has the power that any Catrice Cosmetics liquid makeup that is combined with this texture becomes Waterproof.

If you want to correct your imperfections in a natural way without being forced to use Photoshop to hide them, from Catrice Cosmetics they give you the ideal solution, since they have created four products to correct irregularities: we found the Allround Color Correction Palette, which has creamy textures Ideal for regulating skin tones, the Re-Touch Concealer liquid concealer , the Color Neutralizer Mattifying Powder color corrector and, finally, the Color Corrector Nail Beautifier , which provides a glossy finish and takes care of your nails.

Every day entails a lot of stress and, to avoid this being reflected in our nails, Catrice Cosmetics has launched three products to achieve the manicure of your dreams and a perfect finish: the Brown Collection Nail Lacquer , which provides a great shine on its finish, the Power Volume 3D Top Coat , which provides a layer of protection to the nails and, finally, the Chrome Infusion Nail Lacquer , which will leave your nails with a perfect finish.

As you have seen, Catrice Cosmetics presents us with a lot of variety, from manicure products to correctors for different tastes. After reading our post, what do you think of what Catrice Cosmetics has prepared for us this fall?


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