COCONUT OIL. The star product among celebrities

What is Vita Coco and when was it born?

Do you want to know when coconut oil was born? Ten years ago, during a casual escape to a New York bar, childhood friends Ira Liran and Mike Kirban met two young Brazilian women. When asked what they missed the most about their country, the girls answered that the coconut , because it was one of the most delicious products with the most properties in the world . Shortly after that night, Ira and Mike flew to Brazil, they verified that everything they said about the coconut was real and they got to work with the plan to bring the benefits of the coconut to the rest of the world. And so Vita Coco, a 100% organic coconut oil, was born .

Celebrities have already tried coconut oil and are so delighted with it that most of them have recounted some of the uses and benefits they have put into practice, and have attributed extraordinary properties to it. And, Gisele Bundchen, Emma Stone or Blake Lively have confessed to being addicted to its use!

Emma Stone is addicted to coconut oil but has confessed to using it above all to remove make-up from her skin, since her skin is very sensitive, thus avoiding irritation and allergies.

Elsa Pataky highlights its hydration as a benefit to the skin after bathing.

Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba have also used it to nourish their skin in depth , to prevent stretch marks during and after pregnancy.

Erin Heatherton and Kim Kardashian have proven its benefits on hair, using it as a conditioner, to seal and hydrate the ends of the hair.

Why use coconut oil?

The famous have told us about coconut oil, but below we continue to tell you some of its more than three hundred uses and benefits.

Like cream skin moisturizer , with instant hydration, and also nourishes your lip s chapped by the cold or heat.

It is a natural make-up remover , which even removes water-resistant products and other make-up removers with ease.

The skin suffers with the passage of the blade, which is why coconut oil is ideal for after shaving .

Seal your ends and deeply nourish your hair as this product serves as a conditioner .

In addition to all this, coconut oil also has nutritional properties and provides many benefits in your meals.

Coconut oil is great for taking care of the cuticles , simply apply it with a gentle massage over the entire nail, focusing on that area and let it absorb. Perform a gentle massage and you could even use it to hydrate your hands.

In addition to the ends, coconut oil contains fatty oils with ideal properties to add shine and health to our hair . You can also use it at certain times, especially when there is a lot of humidity and you cannot get your hair under control, apply a few simple drops of this oil on the ends and problem areas and it will act as a protective shield repelling moisture , which is the main cause of hair that is difficult to tame.

If you have a little dull skin, don't worry, with coconut oil you can give it a new life and get a more illuminated skin .

For those who like to take long and relaxing baths: we recommend that you put a couple of drops of this wonderful oil in the water so that you can enjoy all the benefits and nutrition of coconut oil on your skin.

Did you know that acne and coconut oil get along like cats and dogs? Seize it! After cleaning your face, apply a little coconut oil to your hands and massage your entire face, focusing on the areas with acne, let it absorb and you will see how the acne will disappear and in the process you will also eliminate irritations and reddening .

Coconut oil is also very useful against insect bites , put a little bit on the wounds and you will notice how the itching stops.

To stop and treat dandruff it is also a great ally, since it helps control sebum secretion, which is one of the main causes of the appearance of dandruff.

It is also known that coconut oil has deodorant properties , so applying it to areas with folds such as armpits is highly recommended.

If you have stretch marks , although coconut oil will not provide you with a magic solution, it will make you look healthier and visibly better skin.

For dark circles and bags under the eyes, coconut oil is great , since, with a couple of drops, you will be able to significantly reduce them.

We know how annoying an earache can be , right? Well, do not worry, mix the coconut oil with garlic and apply a couple of drops in your ear for 10 minutes, so that it acts in depth.

Tattooed, we have good news! Coconut oil is ideal for you. Coconut oil retains  the pigment in current tattoos , and if you are thinking of getting one, it improves healing time and protects against infection .

Coconut oil has also been known to be a great aid in whitening your teeth for a perfect, sparkling smile.

And not all are aesthetic benefits, coconut oil is the perfect substitute for olive or sunflower oil , especially when frying, or butter to spread on toast . Coconut oil has come to revolutionize all uses in our daily lives.

In laboratory tests, coconut oil has been shown to help prevent colon or breast cancer, including dementia and Alzheimer's .

As you can see, we could spend all day telling you the benefits of coconut oil, since it is a very versatile oil that is useful in all aspects , so do not let it escape and discover these and many more benefits of coconut oil .



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