Cracked heels: causes and remedies

Small cracks, lack of hydration and dryness are prone to occur in certain areas. One of them is the feet, part in which these problems are usually very annoying. If you notice your dry feet and wonder what causes cracked heels ? And what remedies to use to combat them? Don't worry, in this article you will find all the information you need to get back to enjoying perfect feet.

We know that dry heels are a common problem among women today, so we bring you information and some tips to help you look healthy and beautiful feet.

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First of all we give you some clues about what cracked heels are and how to recognize them.

Cracked heels are small linear cuts that appear on the surface of the skin as a result of not keeping them sufficiently hydrated. The problem lies in neglect, since if these small cracks are not treated when they begin to appear, they can lead to deeper cracks and with it to a great discomfort and pain in the feet and even to cause bleeding or infection. That is why we must pay more attention to our feet if we want to keep them healthy.

Causes of cracked heels

You may have already noticed that in summer , as in winter , your heels tend to dry out and crack due to intense periods of both cold and heat. And it is that the skin in this area is not designed to withstand the most extreme environmental factors.

In summer your feet suffer a lot, since they are exposed almost all the time outdoors, to the heat and when walking barefoot. The edges of the pools, the chlorine, the sand, the pebbles on the beach, the excess heat, the sandals ... all these summer customs end up deteriorating the skin of our feet and taking their toll on our heels.
In addition, standing for many hours is also harmful to our heels since we exert constant pressure on the heels and they end up cracking due to the weight.

Homemade tips to replenish cracked heels

Regardless of the cause or reasons for cracked heels, the really interesting thing once we have dry feet is how to repair them . Luckily, and because cracked heels are very common, there are hundreds of home remedies to replace them. We have compiled some of them and we advise you on the best and most effective ones.

The main thing, and before you start to apply any product, is that you soak your feet in hot water for approximately 15 minutes, to soften the skin. Then, with a pumice stone, rub the cracked areas taking care not to damage and mistreat your skin even more. Rinse your feet, dry them well and you are ready to apply some of the following products, with natural oils and rich in nutrients.

Rosehip : rosehip is known worldwide for its restorative effects, and rosehip oil is highly absorbed, so you will immediately notice your feet more hydrated and softer.

Olive oil : everyone has olive oil in their kitchen, so if you notice dry feet and they are starting to crack, apply the oil while massaging your feet. This will help a better absorption and that the skin is deeply nourished.

Avocado : avocado is a fruit rich in fatty acids, so it is very beneficial for the skin, especially for dry skin. The avocado treatment is a natural option that deeply hydrates your feet, and also stimulates the formation of collagen, for hydrated and soft feet.

Banana : the banana, like the avocado, acts as a nourishing agent and provides elasticity and consistency to the skin. Mix a ripe banana and avocado and apply to your feet for an extremely smooth result and smooth skin.

Lemon : Lemon juice is one of the most recognized natural treatments for foot cracks. Lemon helps soften heel skin while reducing dryness. For soft heels, apply lemon juice for ten minutes, taking care that your cracks are not too deep, as the lemon could sting.

Specific remedies and products for dry and cracked heels

As we have already mentioned before, the heels crack because you are not dedicating the necessary care and hydration. The feet need extra care and a lot of patience, that is why many times due to lack of time we leave it and let it pass until it is time to put on your favorite sandals and oh god! you realize how unaesthetic it remains. Adding to it, apart from that it can lead to pain and discomfort .

It is normal, we have little time and the care and treatment of our feet requires that time that we do not have, but do not worry! We recommend some quick and easy- to-apply products that combat dry feet and heels.


VITACOCO COCONUT OIL is a perfect moisturizer, since coconut deeply nourishes the skin. It is ideal to hydrate the feet and fill them with beauty, smoothness and softness.

This NAOBAY FOOT CREAM has been formulated based on orange and with ingredients of natural origin, it contains essential oil of the tea tree, enriched with Shea butter and extracts of Aloe Vera and Orange. All of these ingredients are essential for skin care and repair. If you want to get your orange foot cream now, click on this link .

HAND BOUQUET FEET MASK, RICH BUTTER FOOT MASK . This Korean foot mask from Etude House comes with everything thought out. Its formula is made from shea oil and urea extract, to nourish and soften the most damaged areas of the skin.

Nuxe REVE DE MIEL Cosmetics Creme Pieds . Ultra comforting foot cream that nourishes, smoothes and repairs dry skin thanks to honey and cereal oils.

UREA CREAM FOR FEET, ELBOWS AND HANDS . This cream for feet, elbows and hands from Instituto Español is made from urea, a natural product that is manufactured inside our bodies and is responsible for everything related to skin hydration. Ideal for cracked and dry elbows, hands and feet. To get your Foot, Elbow and Hand Cream, click here and get it.

How to prevent dry heels

Well, now that you know why heel cracks appear and how to combat them, we give you some tips on how to avoid them in the future.

We have talked about the importance of hydration, so we have to be well hydrated to avoid dryness in our heels and feet. Drink a lot of water , doctors recommend drinking about 1.5 liters of water, to keep us hydrated and avoid tightness of the skin due to lack of water. We must also provide extra hydration to our heels with a specific moisturizer for feet.

Apply scrubs from time to time to remove those residues that remain on the skin. Remember that the feet are exposed to many bacteria when they are closer to the ground.

The footwear is also very important, shoes covered avoid contact with external agents and avoid the heels suffer least not being exposed to the air. And always avoid walking barefoot.

Ah! Remember that to see results you must be constant and patient . But little by little you will have beautiful and healthy feet. We hope this information has been useful to you and that you put it into practice as soon as possible, so you can go around showing off your feet.

Before saying goodbye, we are going to make a short summary of the most important points that we have seen in this article. We have started by explaining that they are cracked heels, which consist of small cracks in the feet caused by a lack of hydration. Below, we have proposed some home remedies that are sure to help you a lot, just as we have offered you some alternatives to wonderful products available in the market. Finally, we wanted to explain the keys to prevention, whose main measure is hydration, both internally and externally.

Until next time!

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