Daily facial routine to restore skin after summer

Summer is over and we return to the routine, our tan intact but we have to restore and pamper the skin. Do you need the guidelines for a good daily facial routine?

At .com we know that sometimes what costs the most is taking time to take care of ourselves a little . For this reason, our ambassador Sandra from the Happy & Chic channel , shows us a facial routine in 5-10 minutes.

In her post, Sandra tells us about:

- Your daytime facial routine

- Your nighttime facial routine

- How to perform a facial massage to apply the creams

- Natura Siberica creams, natural cosmetics

Follow all the steps in this post to restore your skin after the summer!


Hello girls! How are you? Back to the routine? Well, that's exactly what I'm going to talk about today. Don't you notice your skin a bit drier and dull after the summer?

I want to show you my facial routine to help my skin look fresh and young again.

What I use are basically 4 natural cosmetic products , from the Natura Siberica brand.

- Serum for the eye contour, moisturizing:  I use it both in the daytime facial routine and in the nighttime facial routine.

- Day cream for sensitive skin:  with SPF 20 protection (perfect for lazy people like me 😉)

- Nourishing and regenerating night cream: 

- Extra firming facial mask:   for all skin types, it restores elasticity to the skin and leaves it soft.

I have been using them for about a month and I love them.

My skin is dry, so I like creams that hydrate me, leave my skin elastic and juicy but without becoming oily (I don't like creams that leave shine) and all these creams are ideal.

I confess that I already knew Natura Siberica, since I have several body creams and I really wanted to try the ones for my face. They are natural creams, made with organic ingredients and of very good quality.

I do not know if you have stopped to think about the amount of products that we put on our skin (makeup, cologne, etc.), in addition to pollution and external agents. All this influences the quality of our skin, so if we take the opportunity to hydrate it and pamper it with natural and ecological products, we will see how little by little it begins to look healthier and more beautiful.

In the video at the end of the post I show you the techniques that I use to apply them, so that they are better absorbed and thus be able to benefit to the maximum from their properties.

I hope you like it!
A big kiss!!

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