Dark Lips - 2017 Trend

The lips are considered the most sensual part of the face . And it is that, striking lips with appropriate makeup, can make you the center of all eyes, irresistible at all times. And what is more sensual than red lips? Dark lips! Discover the trends for this 2017 and what shades are going to jump to the TOP 5 of lip makeup. You will be surprised by the dark lips and terracotta tones, perfect for an evening look.

Dark lips are a trend for this season, and not only on the catwalks, it has also penetrated among us, especially if we want to achieve the aggressive, sensual and mystical look that we often seek when going out to party. If you read this post to the end you will discover what colors mark the new trend of 2017 . We started!

Dark Lips - From Matte Black to Terracotta

Whether you choose a matte black lipstick or a terracotta or dark burgundy, as long as you include the dark lips in a neutral makeup, you will be right. Next, we break down the trendiest and darkest shades for 2017.

Dark lips

In the last quarter of last year the trend in dark lips grew so much that it has been consolidated for this 2017. The trick when choosing dark lips is to counteract it with a more subtle eye makeup and complexion, so you will not saturate the impact that your lips can provoke, being the axis of your look.


Milani is a benchmark when it comes to lipsticks and in its Color Statement collection you will find a wide range of shades, including Double Espresso , with an intensely dark color. You can find it by clicking here . In addition, Milani's lipsticks are enriched in vitamins A and C, which help hydrate your lips. You can also find the collection of True Color Lipstick Sheen Sleek , highly pigmented tones like l ABIAL Mulberry , you have it here .

Wines and terracotta

These tones resist leaving our lips and are once again the protagonists for night looks. In the same Sleek collection , True Color Lipstick Sheen, you can find the Cherry lipstick , you have it by clicking here , and with just one pass, you will have that intense color that combines so well with any skin type , as long as the rest of your makeup do not 'hinder' the potential of your lips.

Matte shades

Matte lipsticks made their way at the end of 2016 and remain among our makeup sets for 2017. A little trick to keep your lips from drying out is to apply a little balm . Sleek has the solution with its True Color Lipstick Matte collection , in which you will find dark tones such as Dare, Vamp or Exxagerate, you can find it by clicking here.

Now that you know that dark tones are not just for fantasy or gothic makeup, dare to wear them on your next night out.

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