Eye contour: care and application

Hi friends of ! How are you? We start with a new topic: the eye contour . Such a delicate and sensitive area of ​​our face requires special care and products designed for that area. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, keep reading:

Eye contour: what is it and how is it cared for?

The area around the eyes is the thinnest skin on our body, which makes it more permeable, sensitive and reactive than other areas of the skin.

For this reason, it is an area that easily inflames, causing dark circles and bags , and suffers as a result of external agents (pollution, sun, seasonal changes). Also with the passage of time and the gestures we make when expressing ourselves.

Without a doubt, it is an area to which we must pay close attention and which must be especially careful. That is why it must be borne in mind that not just any cream is valid, it must be a product designed to apply to the eye contour.

Why use eye contour? Its formulation is prepared for the area, and we should start using it from the age of 25 , when the first lines of expression begin to appear .

Experts recommend using it in the morning and at night , before applying the moisturizer. In the morning, it will serve to decongest the area after sleeping, and at night, it will hydrate and nourish .

When choosing a product for this area, we must also take into account what exactly we want to treat:

There are also foods that can help us improve the eye contour, thanks to its draining properties. Asparagus, cucumber or pineapple can be good allies, since they prevent fluid retention.

We must not forget genetic inheritance . If in our family, the genes tend to the presence of dark circles, crow's feet, etc., we already know in a high percentage, that in our generation, it will also be repeated. And since we have that advantage, let's not wait until they show up and address the issue in advance.

How to apply eye contour

The key question is: where should we apply it? This will make the difference in achieving better results.

The answer is in the eye socket, where you touch bone . You should avoid the lacrimal area and the upper eyelid, as this area is more oily, and over-hydrating it can cause swelling and folds. Do not forget the side of the eye: apply it on the crow's feet.

If you want, you can put it on the upper eyelid, just below the eyebrow, but not on the eyelid.

And how should we apply it? Well, very easy: The movements have to be like a "click" or gentle pressure, without smoothing the skin, pressing so that it is absorbed in a rhythmic way.

For dark circles, massage your index finger from the tear duct towards the end of the eye.

For bags, drain with the tips of two fingers to activate lazy circulation. If you have crow's feet, make small circles with your fingertips to promote absorption.

As you can see, it is very easy to apply. In this isasaweis video you can see it step by step.

Now is the time to find out what your ideal eye contour is. We continue!

The best products for the eye contour

Eye contour creams are specially designed for that area, so we should not use other types of products. Being special, its format is also designed for a more efficient application. Proof of this are the cold effect roll-ons, which incorporate a steel head that drains and alleviates fluid retention.

These are the products that you cannot miss for the eye contour, both in a low cost version and at a higher price.

eye contour

eye contour

eye contour

eye contour

eye contour

eye contour

eye contour

eye contour

eye contour

eye contour

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