Facial brushes: everything you need to know

Its main use is to remove makeup, but we would fall into a mistake if we thought that its benefits are limited to removing the remains of makeup. And it is that facial brushes have a lot to do for our skin .

We have proposed that you know them a little better, so be prepared to read about the following points:

What are facial brushes?

Facial brushes are tools designed to remove make-up and cleanse our face . They work by electric current, and generally base their benefits on the oscillating and rotational action of their heads.

How to use them?

  1. Moisten the face and the electric toothbrush head .
  2. We apply the cleaner (or the product that we are going to use).
  3. We turn it on and massage, using gentle oscillating movements , on the face.

Easy right? And this is one of its main advantages, comfort. But let's not anticipate events, read the next point to know all the benefits that facial brushes offer us and thus be able to get the most out of it.

Its main advantages

  1. Quick and easy to use . As we mentioned earlier, the time savings and simplicity of using it add great value to face brushes.
  2. The pleasant sensation it generates . And it is that if feeling like the filaments massage our face, accompanied by the foam that the product generates, it is very comforting.
  3. Improves circulation . And it is that thanks to this massage, it stimulates blood microcirculation. This helps, among other things, to keep the skin young and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.
  4. Eliminate dead cells . This does not mean that we should use it with exfoliating gels, so do not forget to pay attention to the next point where we will discuss these contraindications.

Contraindications and considerations

You have seen that facial brushes have great benefits but, as with everything, you have to take into account a number of considerations when using them.

  1. They cannot be used with exfoliating products . And these are usually very abrasive, so you should preferably apply them with the help of your hands. There is another option, the Garnier Exfo-brush. Its manual operation and its rubber filaments make it soft enough to be used as an exfoliant.
  2. By tightening more it will not give better results . They are designed to work with a gentle level of pressure, so by pushing too hard the only thing you could do is irritate your skin.
  3. Do not use it in excess . Its high efficiency allows it to act in a couple of minutes or even less. Use it only during that time a day, as if you use it too much your skin could suffer.


If you have decided that you want to add facial brushes to your beauty routine, here we recommend a couple of them that we love and that give very good results.

Foreo Luna facial brush : You may have heard of them, as they have been a success. An attractive design accompanied by impressive efficiency . It is suitable for all skin types and its small size makes it ideal for easy use in any situation.

W7 electric facial cleanser : A very complete brush, it has 2 speeds that adapt to the needs of our skin. Its 360 rotation system and the high density of filaments that it presents, make this an option to consider. Get your W7 facial brush by clicking here .

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