Facial masks: everything you need to know

Hi friends! I'll be back for another week to tell you about a new beauty topic: facial masks . It is one of the most used beauty treatments, both by men and women, but what do you know about them?

In this post let's cover all the essential points about face masks:

Why should I use a face mask?

Routine tires anyone, and it also wreaks havoc on our skin. Therefore, as we already know, a good daily facial cleaning is essential if we want to have a perfect face.

But there are times when that is not enough. If you want to have a moment of relaxation and take care of your skin at the same time, it is time to use a facial mask. Purify, hydrate, illuminate ... there are many types of masks, designed for each type of skin and its needs.

Why are they so recommended? Here are three reasons to use them:

In addition, as I have already mentioned, there are specific ones for each skin type:

Another main characteristic of facial masks is that we can find them in numerous formats. Let's get to know them more thoroughly:

As you can see, there is a long list of options to choose from. It will depend on your skin type and the format that best suits you and that you like the most. Now we are going to explain how to apply it.

How to apply the face mask

The mask has become a good ally when it comes to hydrating and improving our face. We can use it for numerous situations, and when we are looking for different results, but all this will be of no use if we do not apply it correctly.

Before starting to apply the facial mask, it is advisable to have clean and toned hands . One option is to exfoliate the skin so that it is more receptive to active ingredients, although this step should not be done on skin with acne.

When applying the mask, it must be done evenly over the entire face, on dry skin. The action time will depend on each mask. To achieve a perfect result, do not forget to do it in a moment of relaxation and tranquility .

Once it has taken effect, it is time to rinse it well with warm water (in case you need rinsing) and dry your face gently. After this, use your usual facial products.

How often is it appropriate to use masks? It is recommended once a week, approximately. It will depend on the type of mask you want to use and the results you are looking for. A good option is to alternate between different types , to test how the different active ingredients act on the skin.

Now it's time to show you mine 😉 Let's continue!

The best facial masks

There are many options that we find today when we talk about facial masks. Here you can find the best cheap masks of different brands and types.

So far my recommendation. As you can see, there are numerous options, depending on the type of skin and the format that you like the most to use. In you can find many more 🙂

I hope you liked the post and that you are encouraged to use face masks.

If you have any questions about beauty, product, advice, do not hesitate to write to us!

See you soon!

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