Facial peeling: what you should know about this treatment

It has become popular in recent years and is one of the most widespread options for rejuvenating the face. But do we really know what a facial peel is and what modalities it allows?

We have proposed that you know a little better the world of facial peeling so you know which one suits your needs.

In this article we can read about the following

What is a facial peel?

Peeling is a treatment that is applied to the skin of the face, whose activity focuses on deep exfoliation. It acts on the superficial layers of the skin and is used to eliminate small imperfections such as acne, spots, or small wrinkles.

The most normal thing is that facial peels are applied in medical or aesthetic centers, although there have been numerous cosmetic products whose activity focuses on this facial rejuvenation technique.

Different facial peeling techniques

When classifying the peels, we should differentiate between two criteria: the depth and the technique used.

Depending on the depth in which it acts, we can distinguish between superficial, medium, and deep peeling. Thus, the superficial one acts on small imperfections and wrinkles, leaving the skin red for a few hours. A deep facial peel is much more effective, but it leaves the skin flushed for several days.

According to the technique used we distinguish between:

All these facial peeling techniques are usually very effective. Their main disadvantage is that they are aggressive to the skin. For this reason, we recommend that you inform yourself, in the aesthetic or medical center of your choice, about the contraindications and precautions to take.

The natural choice

A non-aggressive form of facial peel is natural peels . They act much shallower to the skin, so they are not aggressive and can be used more frequently.

This allows you to achieve a great advantage over the rest of the techniques: you can do it yourself from home. There are many products, but we recommend that you use one with a 100% natural composition.

A magnificent example is the facial peels from Natura Sibérica, a natural and ecological firm. They have a price of € 7 and you can get the one indicated for normal or dry skin by clicking here , or with the one for oily or combination skin by  clicking here .

Hopefully, this article has helped you to clear up some doubts about facial peels.


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