Facial serum: what it is for and how to use it

Hello Bellas! Today we will talk about a product that has found a place in our facial routine: the serum . Do you know what its benefits are and how you should use it? If the answer is no, keep reading.

Serum: all keys

Facial serums are face and neck treatments that serve to deeply hydrate . Its great advantage is that it has a higher concentration of assets.

And this is the main difference with the face cream. They contain fewer ingredients and are also usually water-based, so their texture is lighter and penetrates the skin faster.

The serum provides greater efficacy compared to a classic cream , but this does not mean that we should replace it. If we use both products in our facial routine we will multiply the results for the better.

If it is true that in the case of oily skin, a serum may be enough, although that remains in your hands. On the other hand, dry skin may need more supplements of water and lipids in the form of a cream.

It is recommended for all ages and for any skin type, since it treats and cares for layers that other products do not reach.

We can find different types of serums: anti-aging, anti-stain, anti-acne, moisturizing ... Before choosing yours, you should think about your skin type and what would suit you best. There are them in different textures: gel, oil, emulsions ...

It is absorbed instantly, it is usually oil free, which does not leave a residue, and instantly improves the appearance of the skin.

What serum should you use according to your skin type? Here are some ideas:

Now is the time to know how to apply it, and how to include it in our daily routine. We continue!

How to apply the serum in our daily facial routine

One of the most common questions when including the serum in your facial cleansing routine is: when and how do I apply it?

The most important thing: it is applied before the usual moisturizer, since they are fast-absorbing products , as we mentioned before.

Apply it with clean skin, so it should always be after removing make-up and after toning. This means that its assets will be in direct contact with the skin and thus there is no previous barrier (such as a cream) that hinders absorption.

Being a very light texture, you will only need a small amount of product (one or two drops) to be able to cover your entire face, neck and décolleté . It is not necessary to apply too much product, since with a small amount you will get a lot out of it anyway.

To apply it, start on the inside of the face and make circular movements towards the outside. It is important that the product is well absorbed before applying the next step, the day or night cream. It is advisable to use the serum in both cleanings.

Another question that many of us have asked ourselves with the serum is whether we can use it on the eye contour. A priori, there would be no problem if the product label does not specify it, although for this delicate area it is advisable to use the creams designed for it.

The truth is that we can not think of any disadvantage of the serum. It is more effective than a cream, improves skin instantly, enhances the benefits of subsequent products , and is easy to apply. What are you waiting to try it?

Now it's time to make a small list of the serums that we like the most, of all types and ranges, so that you can find yours. Keep reading!

The facial serums that you cannot miss

facial serum

facial serum

facial serum

facial serum

facial serum

facial serum

facial serum

facial serum

facial serum


facial serum


So far my selection of facial serums, I hope you liked them! If you haven't found yours yet, in you can find many more.

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