How to care for your hair in summer?

Hello friends of! Like every week, I come back with a new and interesting beauty post. In the last week as we continue within the world of the pel o.  This time, am I going to talk to you about summer hair care?

With the entry of the first rays of sun, it is important to specifically protect the hair, so that it does not suffer. If you are willing to take care of your hair with care and affection, keep reading because in this post I am going to tell you all about:

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7 Tips to take care of your hair in summer

As is normal, we are all concerned about the appearance of our hair, especially in summer. With the sun's rays, hair tends to burn more easily, change its texture, weaken or lose its color. To prevent this from happening and your hair not looking the way you would like it to, I have put together a list of summer hair care tips Your hair will look perfect and healthy!

  1. Keep your head covered:  Wearing hats or scarves at the beach not only adds a chic touch to your look, it also helps protect the scalp from UVA / UVB rays. Also, if you have children or suffer from alopecia, maintaining this action is essential every time you go to the beach.

2. Moisturize the hair:  A hydrated hair is synonymous with greater protection and strength against external aggressions, such as UVA rays. For this reason, I advise you to take advantage of your hair routine to nourish and repair your hair with the help of masks. All this, together with a sulfate-free shampoo composed of natural ingredients.

During the summer, it is more difficult to keep your hair hydrated, so I suggest you apply a hydrating treatment from medium to ends before going to the beach. With this, you will create a protective film for the hair.

3. Use sunscreen:  Another of the tips that you should follow to the table, is to protect the hair with a good sunscreen. It is not only important to protect the skin, the scalp is also a very delicate area that deserves care.

Currently, you can choose from a wide variety of hair protectors and formats. With it, you will not only be able to stop the sun's rays, you will also hydrate, nourish and add shine to the mane.

4. Wet your hair before and after the pool or sea:  If before entering the water of the sea or the pool, you wet your hair, you will help it not to come into direct contact with salt or chlorine.  Thus decreasing its penetrating power.

In the same way, I advise you to clarify it after a day at the pool or beach.  You will see how the salt or chlorine are completely eliminated from the mane.

hair care in summer

On the other hand, if you can wash your hair with cold water, much better. There are many benefits it has on your scalp such as promoting blood circulation , eliminating waste and providing an extra shine.

5. Avoid using dryers or irons:  With the summer heat, the ideal is to let the hair dry freely. This way you will avoid the use of dryers, which what does is damage the hair even more. If for various reasons or haste you have no choice, use it at medium temperature and with a thermal protector beforehand.

6. Opt for updos, instead of parted hairstyles:  Avoid combing your hair by creating a parting in your hair. The line only serves to enhance the scalp to burn, since the rays tend to affect that area more. To prevent this from happening, I recommend combing your hair back. 

If you are passionate about updos , summer is the best season to wear them. With them, it increases the feeling of freshness and comfort. You have many options, from buns to braids, without neglecting the classic pigtails. 

7. Cut the ends:  Once the summer season is over, I suggest you cut the ends of your hair. Approximately 5 centimeters will be enough to clean the ends, strengthen the hair fiber and fight against dryness.

These are the seven tips on hair care in summer. I hope you liked them and that you put them to the test.

Everything does not end here, in the next point I will continue to tell you some more tricks.

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Products that should not be missing in your hair care

You may not know it, but hair contains between 10-15% water. With the arrival of heat, this percentage of water tends to evaporate. This causes the hair to lose hydration and look rougher than usual. For this reason, you should not neglect summer hair care.

To nourish the hair and avoid the consequences that the sun can have on it, I am going to show you a list of hair products that will help you to deeply hydrate and revitalize your hair. Look at them!

hair care in summer

hair care in summer

hair care in summer

hair care in summer

hair care in summer

Hair care in summer

This has been my selection of products  that you should add to your summer hair care. Some products with great benefits for your hair, in addition to having a great value for money.

Read on to discover more interesting care.

Home remedies to pamper the mane

If you are one of those who prefer to make hair masks yourself and use natural ingredients, pay attention because at this point I am going to tell you about some homemade masks, quick and easy to make. Do not hesitate to add these recommendations to your hair care in summer.

hair care in summer

These recipes are very easy to make since you only need to have a couple of ingredients, which we often have at home. At the same time that you take care of your hair, you will enjoy a few minutes of relaxation. 

This is where my post today goes, on hair care in summer. I hope it helps you to show off a perfect mane, during the hottest time of the year.

I say goodbye until next week, with new beauty themes.

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