How to put on eye makeup? Techniques, tricks, tutorials and trends

How many hours have we spent looking at tutorials on how to make up eyes on YouTube without getting anything clear?

Lately, it seems that anything goes as far as eye makeup is concerned, so in this post we will learn about the most bizarre trends of the moment such as Dot Eyeliner, Unicorn Eyes, holographic shadows or the Tightlining technique; We will also discuss which eye makeups are appropriate for you and we will tell you about the Glitter revolution as well as a series of interesting tricks and tutorials   related to the subject.

And it is that we believe, as the wise man said, that the look is the reflection of the soul. Therefore, correctly made-up eyes will be eyes that captivate just by looking at them. As we will see, the most daring looks are not only for the night or for special moments, they can also adapt to day to day and make our eyes shine with their own light.

In today's post we will deal with topics such as:

What eye makeup is right for you? A look for every occasion

As there is nothing written about tastes, the makeup proposals are endless . To begin with, we prepare different ways of applying eye makeup that you can choose at will, as long as you know when to use them since some are indicated for the night, others for the day, others for parties ... Have your makeup set at hand because we started now!

You should have several products on hand such as brushes, shadows, eyeliners, mascara, highlighters and colored pencils, with these tools we will achieve daring, subtle, mysterious, groundbreaking, glamorous looks, etc. If you have to replace your makeup set, we invite you to visit our website, where you have a wide range of specific products for eye makeup

Now we start with the proposals.

Eyeliner only

With a simple stroke of eyeliner we manage to awaken the interest of our eyes, without the need for shadows. Before lining you must cover the eyelid with concealer, sealing with powder
to avoid shine and unify the tone. In addition, you can multiply the intensity of your look by applying mascara.

How to put on eye makeup

Eyes outlined in full

How to put on eye makeup

If we want to awaken the look to the whole you will have to use the eye pencils. Draw the lower and upper lash line, joining it both at the tear and at the outer vertex. If you like, you can blend with a special brush to give it a touch of glamor.

We go for more

Intense and unique shade

How to put on eye makeup

Rely on a rich, colorful eyeshadow. Choose well the combination that you will do with your clothes and with the rest of your makeup, even with the color of your hair. Primeo use a primer to make the pigmentation more intense, then apply the shadow and blend the edge well so that it is adapted to the upper eyelid. You can use a dark eyeliner and heavy lashes, so the look will not go unnoticed.

The next one is less daring.

Natural eye illuminator

How to put on eye makeupIf you decide on a fresh and natural look, you can achieve it with an eyeshadow base with a natural color and a touch of highlighter in the tear. With a good contour and blush you will enhance your makeup by giving volume to your face.

But you can give it a more striking touch with the following.

Color outline

How to put on eye makeup

Replace the traditional eyeliner with a colored eyeliner, you can do it with a pencil or with a cream eyeshadow and an eyeliner brush. You will achieve a subtle and striking effect, very combinable with any eye shadow. In addition, you can complete it with marked eyebrows and a nude lipstick that leaves your eyes in the spotlight.

We go through the shadows.

Shimmer shadows

How to put on eye makeup

If what you want is a glamorous and refined look, shiny shadows are your best bet. You should choose the shade that best matches the color of your eyes and create a degraded look with an intense tone, such as burgundy, gray or brown. .

The next one you will like.

Smokey eyes

How to put on eye makeup

The Smokey Eyes movement

It will not cease to amaze in every make-up, whether for the night or for the day. We have to be clear that the most important thing in this technique is the blur, so that the fusion is elegant and favors the intensity of the look. From black, through brown or pink tones, the idea is the same, cover the upper eyelid highlighting the lower lashes. You can play with two shades, one lighter in the tear duct area and darker in the outer part of the eye.

Shades of three colors

How to put on eye makeup

If you are a 'handyman' with brushes, show it off with this daring technique. Using the lightest shade in the tear area, a second shade for the middle area and a darker color for the outer part of the eye. Accompany it with a black outline that frames the eye and a mascara that intensifies your look.

Surely you have liked some of these types of eye makeup. We continue with our guide on how to put on eye makeup , because we still have a lot to tell you.

Glitter in the eyes. Look with its own light

We are sure that after so much trying and changing your eye makeup you will know with some certainty which is the perfect makeup for your eyes. We are even clear about what makeup to choose on each occasion, whether for day to day, for a party, for the night, a dinner ... that's why we started with a daring trend such as glitter, have you used it? Do you know the technique? Discover the glitter makeup with which you will give strength to your eyes making them shine with their own light.

Next we will break down the different glitter that we can create, for this, we will use glitter shadows, pigments, eyeliners ... an infinite universe that will make our eyes the center of attention.

Glitter shadows for party makeup

How to put on eye makeup

The first option for our glitter makeup is from the shadows. In this way, once we have our face made up, it is the eyes' turn. Opt for smokey eyes, to get a smoky and intense look. There are shimmer shadows that have a texture composed of color and a touch of glitter, making our eyes shine with the reflection of light.

If, on the other hand, we want to increase the intensity of the shine, the best option is to use a gel shadow or special pigments directly. Pigments are shadows like loose powders. To apply them better, we can use a fixing gel on the mobile eyelid and then the pigments. As a trick , the rest of the face and lip makeup should be in the background, so that the eyes are the real stars.

Glitter eyeliner

Another way to apply glitter is to do it as an eyeliner. A part as basic as the eyeliner can be more striking and attractive if we dare to do it with a touch of shine, managing to give our eyes personality and shape. Break the barriers of black or brown eyeliner and surprise everyone with a silver or light blue, pink or mauve eyeliner, the choice is yours!

And now we are going to give you some tips so that you get better finishes.

Tricks for a good eye makeup

Makeup, in general, is not easy and when it comes to the eyes much less. Therefore, taking into account the recommendations of professionals and experts will make us achieve more effective results and in a simpler way. So today we want to teach you some very useful tricks ... If you know any more that we have not mentioned, do not hesitate to tell us yours and thus enrich us all.

1. Most of the times when we try to put makeup on our eyes, we end up staining other areas of the face, so to avoid this, it is best to apply a little powder to prevent it from sticking to the face.

2. One of the tricks most used by professionals to help the shadow last longer is to apply makeup base on the eyelids before putting makeup on the eyes.

3. If we want our lashes to look more abundant , we can apply eyeliner as close to them as possible to achieve this effect.

4. We will only use liquid eyeliner if we know how to use it correctly and we have a good pulse, otherwise, it is convenient to use a durable and quality pencil eyeliner , ensuring a more precise and correct final result.

5. To make the eyes feel bigger, we will use a white eyeliner on the lower edge of the eye.

6. The shadow color that we use is important, since neutral colors will be a safe bet most of the time while darker tones should be used with caution , specifically if you do not have very big eyes.

7. If we want to apply concealer for dark circles, it is advisable to use orange or salmon colors to counteract the black or worn lower color of the eyes.

8. To intensify the appearance of large eyes it is also important to take care of the eyebrows so that they are perfect and plucked correctly.

How to put on eye makeup

T rends in eye makeup

As every year, new trends come to the fore with daring, innovative proposals and others that are reinvented. And as we have already said, in the world of makeup the proposals are endless. Have you heard of the Dot Eyeliner? Star Eyes? Holographic shadows? Inverted Smoke Eye? Unicorn Eyes? Tightlining? Do not freak out. It is time to discover what are the most daring trends for this 2018.

Dot Eyeliner

How to put on eye makeup

The simplicity of painting a small dot under the lower lash line will make your look stand out as daring, enigmatic and avant-garde . This trend is back stronger than ever and the Dot Eyeliner is a very creative alternative when it comes to putting on makeup and the way to do it is very simple. An icon of this look is Geraldine Chaplin, wearing it since she started her professional career.

If you want to try it, you just have to use an eyeliner. Calculate the center of your lower lash line and draw a dot with the size you like best , without going overboard.

How to put on eye makeup

If it seems too little for you, pay attention to the next one.

Why not stars?

As always, you have to stay one step ahead when it comes to trends and many models and actresses have gone further with the Dot Eyeliner. Instead of using a normal eyeliner they have used decorative elements such as a star, making a more daring and mysterious look.

How to put on eye makeup

But you can still be more surprised.

Holographic shadows

How to put on eye makeup

The evolution in shadow makeup has taken a step forward with holographic shadows. They have a hypnotic and very intense effect, being much more powerful than glitter shadows. They are luminous shadows made with metallic pigments that make light reflect in all directions. Ideal for a night party or special occasions as they have a more sophisticated finish.

These shadows are designed to be the center of attention of your look, therefore, you must take care of the rest of the makeup making it more natural so as not to detract from the strength and prominence of your eyes.

We give the Smokey a spin and never better said in the following trend.

Inverted Smokey Eye

How to put on eye makeup

Of course, Kim Kardashian surprised us with this type of makeup, using an inverted smoke that shows a fantastic look , enhancing a natural but intense look. The elaboration is simple, we carry out a reverse smoky effect, that is, the gradient will go on the lower eyelid , leaving the mobile eyelid lighter, with pearlescent or orange tones, even light brown, depending on your skin tone.

Do you like to feel unique? Go ahead

Unicorn eyes

The unicorn revolution is constantly expanding and has ended up reaching the eye makeup. One of the craziest trends in social networks is the unicorn outline and now that carnival is here, it can be the ideal complement for a costume party. It consists of simulating the unicorn's horn in the eyeliner, with pastel shades, with the chromatic scale of the rainbow.

If you are not very trained with delineation, you can do it only in two or three colors, depending on the effect you want to give. Trace a normal eyeliner and then, with a fine eyeliner, create the effect around the first eyeliner.

How to put on eye makeup

Tightlining, the invisible liner

This technique has a clear standard-bearer that has been using it for years, it is Angelina Jolie. She usually uses nude makeup, which apparently shows the most natural face. Well, Tightlining consists of delineating the water line of the upper eyelashes , so we must choose a waterproof eyeliner, since we are drawing the wet area of ​​the eye. If possible, we will choose one with the fine tip, thus facilitating precision.

How to put on eye makeup

To do this , we have to lift the upper eyelid a little with our finger and carefully draw the water line. With this technique we will be able to emphasize the look, defining the eye.

Come on, we have the last one.

Eyeliner floral

This is the quintessential trend if you are a true fan of spring and summer festivals. It is a fun, fresh and a bit 'hippie' proposal.

How to put on eye makeup

Dare with an animated complement such as the flower eyeliner, easier to do than you imagine. The architect of this proposal is the Norwegian blogger Marit Isachsen , who through her Instagram account has surprised the world with various artistic makeup designs, such as flower outlines. The technique consists of drawing flowers in mini size with a fine-tipped brush and the colors that we want to carry in our eyes.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns or want to make a note, leave us a comment below.

See you soon!

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