Lip balms, your best allies throughout the year

Lip balms have become essential when it comes to protecting and caring for the lips . Their different formats, uses and compositions have made them a star product in our toiletry bags and bags .

It is such a beloved product that it is even said to be addictive. In .com we have proposed to know a little better the world of lip balms and the reasons for the passions it arouses.

Thus, in this short article we can learn more about the following topics:

- The importance of using your lip balm

- Beyond the lips: other uses of lip balms

- Lip balms that we love

The importance of using your lip balm

The first thing is to know what is the function of lip balms and the importance of their use. It is important to understand that the skin that protects the lips is different from that of the rest of the face. It is 5 times finer . In addition, it lacks melanin and sebum-producing glands. All this, together with the continuous exposure to external factors, makes the lips a particularly vulnerable area .

The main symptom of these factors is usually dryness and its consequences. And that is where we find the great function of lip balms: hydration . In addition, you should not fall into the error of thinking that lip balms should only be used in winter, since this lack of hydration and vulnerability occur throughout the year.

They also generate a very comforting sensation of freshness and softness, especially when we have chapped or peeling lips. We can find them natural, with flavors, with tones, with shine ... Choose yours and start enjoying it!

Beyond the lips: other uses for lip balms

You may already know all this, but the following alternative uses are sure to surprise you:

Lip balms that we love

After seeing all its uses there is only one question ... Which one?

The lip balms that we can find are very varied, and by clicking here you will access all of the ones we have in .com. 

These are some of our recommendations, with different textures and shapes designed for all types of lips.

BB Beauty Balm by Essence . In addition to protecting our lips, it provides an irresistible gloss tone. Price € 2.49, click here to get it at.

lip balm-bb-beauty-balm

Atomic Apple from W7 . With a surprising apple aroma, we love the canned format in which it is presented. Price € 2.29, click here to get it at.


Tonymoly Mini Berry Cherry. Although the undisputed star of this lip balm is the packaging, its SPF15 protection factor and its soft pink tone are also noteworthy. Price € 6.95, click here to get it on our website.


LIPOSAN lip cocoa .  This pencil will make your lips shine with jojoba oil, its main component, which nourishes and softens. In addition, your lips will wear a beautiful pink tone that will enhance your feminine touch.

Sunscreen for lips SPF20 from Shiseido.  In addition to hydrating your lips, Shiseido balm adds protection factor 20, which will protect your lips from external agents and UV rays. Its advantage is that you can apply it under your usual lipstick. Its approximate price is € 18.85. 

Gal's Scented Neutral Vaseline.   Sometimes, less is more. L to Gal neutral scented Vaseline protects, softens and caresthe skin with a pleasant and desirable scent of roses. This traditional 13 ml product is priced at approximately € 2.

Eucerin lip balm. This lip balm contains a formula with dexpanthenol and fat-soluble Vitamin E, which instantly hydrates and regenerates damaged lips. In addition, it has SPF6 sunscreen

Ziaja coconut lip balm.  If you like lip balms with scents, then your favorite will be the Coconut Lip Balm by Ziaja. With active ingredients like vitamin E, vitamin A, canola oil and coconut lipids; gives shine, softness and prevents lips from chapping. Also, all the products of this brand are cruelty free. You can find it in our online makeup store at a price of € 2.85.

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