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Hello friends of! How are you? This week it's time to talk about the eyes. Today I want to talk to you about makeup for brown eyes : tutorials, tricks and tips to get a perfect look. If this is your eye color, you can't miss my post:

Now is the time to make the most of your brown eyes.

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How to create makeup for brown eyes 

Brown eyes predominate almost exclusively in Africa, Asia and America, so it is very likely that you too have this eye color , like most of the population. Maybe this makes you think that you do not have a special look, but ... you are wrong!

If you have brown eyes, you should know that you are lucky, because brown contains all the primary colors, making it an ideal combination with almost all shades ! Well-made-up eyes will give you a special and novel look.

Therefore, if you want to dazzle every day, it is best to get a daily makeup that does not take long and that at the same time looks natural . Although it is important to put makeup on the eyes well, it is useless if the rest of the face is not well finished, therefore, before starting with the eyes, you should apply a good makeup base, concealer and sun powder, always trying that your face is natural.

brown eyes makeup

The time has come to make up the eyes. First of all, we must choose the tones. In this case, the makeup to be a our daily routine, it is best to use shadows be ige, light brown and pink, so that the left eye but not excessively highlighted . These tones are ideal to soften the look, provide greater luminosity and soften the rest of the facial features.

If you want to make your eyes appear larger, a good option is to outline the water line with a pencil in a natural beige color . To finish, the ideal is to use a good mascara, which will open your eyes. You can use it in brown , to make it even more natural, or in the classic black , both will be perfect.

Although daily makeup is essential, we cannot forget about special occasions. The time has come to dazzle at night.

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The best eye makeup for your night looks

Brown eyes can also be a perfect ally to achieve unmatched night makeup. The best trick to enhance this eye color is to use shadows that intensify the look, and for this the golden, metallic, chocolate brown and black tones are ideal .

In this case, it is advisable to focus all the attention on your eye makeup , since being metallic shadows and bright colors, it is not advisable to abuse other tones in the other parts of the face.

If you want your look to last all night, it is advisable to apply an eye primer to fix the shadows . There are many options when it comes to makeup the eye. These are my recommendations:

makeup for brown eyes

brown eyes makeup

As I have already mentioned before, this eye makeup will occupy all the prominence, so it is not necessary to use lipsticks in strong tones (red, burgundy, violets ...) since it will reduce the importance of the look and the result can be too heavy a makeup .

Once you know what the trends for brown eyes are, it's time for us to put it into practice. Here you can see a countless list of eyeshadow palettes.

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Tutorials on how to make up brown eyes 

We already know that there are many ways to make up brown eyes: countless combinations of shadows, different finishes, eyeliners, mascara ... 

Now is the time to put it into practice. If you have been left with doubts about what you have read, I think these videos will come in handy for you. Many times, until we see it with our own eyes, we do not have the clear idea in mind.

For this reason, I have chosen some tutorial videos in which shadows and techniques are used like the ones we have talked about before . Grab some popcorn we started 😉

So far my post on makeup for brown eyes. I hope it has helped you to have new ideas on how to highlight our look 🙂

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