Makeup for carnival: the best ideas for your costume

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At .com we love to dress up, do you? If the answer is yes, feel free to join me in this post. We are going to take a tour of the best ideas for makeup at carnival, an ideal time to become whatever you want for a day . There are many possibilities depending on the characters you like the most, and the makeup can be very varied.

These are my ideas for making up your carnival:

If you are not inspired and want to soak up the options to dress up in carnival , this is your post. Let's start!}

Fantasy makeup, a safe bet

Once you choose your costume, there are many options when it comes to putting on makeup. If you want your costume to be the total protagonist, you can opt for a simpler face, but there is another option if you want to stand out even more: 'fantasy' makeup.

This type of makeup is known for its variety of colors and its great luminosity. It is ideal if you want to get a really striking face with your costume. Therefore, here are some ideas for you to find your ideal fantasy makeup.

Being a type of makeup that does not require too many guidelines, you can create your own design, unique to you . The idea is to be inspired by real elements that can be captured on the face. Flowers, for example, are a very popular element. This style of makeup has its best version in the eyes, where we can achieve a super striking look by applying glitter or glitter shadows, shiny stickers, eyeliners, colored mascara ... There are many elements to add.

Another of its advantages is that it has infinite possibilities. Any color or design works to achieve this type of makeup. In fact, it may be your only costume. But if you prefer to use it as a complement, it is appropriate to choose the tones according to the costume, so that we can make up eyes, lips and the face in general .

As for the products that we should use, they will only depend on your budget. You can make your makeup with special waxes for face, glitter or glitter stickers . You must remember that the glitter is only applied after having finished the makeup design, calculating the amount and knowing the parts in which we want to use it. On the other hand, if you don't want to invest a lot of money, you can create your fantasy makeup with the usual products that you usually use . The vlogger Silvia Quirós gives some guidelines when creating this type of designs:

This time, it is a makeup inspired by the sea, with blue touches. This vlogger advises to start with theusual make-up base, applying a thick layer so that the colors hold well and do not pass through the skin . Afterwards, use blush on the upper part of your cheeks, to give more contrast to the face.

We come to the eyes, where you should use the tone you prefer, but always applying it with a large brush , and choose a different color for the tear line. Use eyeliner to give your eyes more strength. Now is the time to create your fantasy design . Remember that the design of each eye does not have to be the same. Finally, you can include some touches of glitter, mascara (or false eyelashes to achieve greater volume) and a lipstick appropriate to the chosen shades.

If you have not finished convincing this type of makeup for carnival, keep reading and you will find other ideas 😉

Movie characters: the perfect makeup 

Without a doubt, there are costumes that stand out above all others: those of movie characters. In the end, we always end up turning to them for carnival, since movies are a perfect and quick way of inspiration to find your other identity. There are as many options as there are a variety of films, but here are a few ideas that do not require much makeup experience:

Disney princesses . Without a doubt, they are very popular costumes for both children and adults. It is also a good idea to dress up in a group: Each of your friends as a different princess! Cinderella, Ariel, Pocahontas, Yasmín, Snow White, Bella, Mulan ... You can get their dresses in a specialized store, completing your costume with makeup identical to that of these princesses. Surely you can hit the nail on the head!

Animals. Another star costume for carnival. In this case, the makeup will be the central point of the look, since it is what stands out the most of all the clothing. The main thing is to make sure that the animal's face comes to life on our face . If you do not know which animal to choose, here you can see some of the most used (lion, deer, wolf, butterfly ...).

Classic characters. Who has not once disguised himself as those icons of the 20th century? Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Olivia Newton-John in Grease… In this case, characterization is very important if you want to get a true reflection. Therefore it is necessary to get the best clothing. Makeup also plays an essential role, and the advantage is that you can do it with your own makeup bag, without having to resort to special products for the face. We compiled some videos from channels specialized in makeup so that you can see how to achieve this result:

These are some of my ideas for you to dress up in carnival, but without a doubt there are many more. Your final choice will depend on the time you use to develop your costume and the theme that you like the most. Now comes the time to think about the smallest of the house, in case you want to go to play with them at carnival . We continue!

Makeup for the little ones 

There is no doubt that the smallest of the house enjoy carnival a lot. Children love to dress up, that's why at .com we also think of all those little ones who want to paint their faces at carnival. If you run out of inspiration and you don't know how to make up for them, or they ask you for impossible characters, here you can see several ideas to dress up children on this fun and special day for them.

Undoubtedly, Disney princesses and comic characters are very recurrent among the little ones, as are animal makeup. These are very easy to do:

As you can see, there is a lot of variety when it comes to carnival makeup. All you have to do is choose the character you like the most and transform yourself into him or her for a day! 

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