Makeup for green eyes: make the most of your look

Hello friends! How are you? This week it's time to talk about the eyes. Today I want to talk to you about  makeup for green eyes : tutorials, tricks and tips to get a perfect look. If this is your eye color, you can't miss my post:

Now is the time to take advantage of your green eyes.

We started!

The keys to green eye makeup

If you have green eyes, you belong to the small club of this color of eyes, since only 2% of the world population has them.

The first thing we have to know is that, even if they are light eyes, the makeup tones for green eyes should not necessarily be the same as those of a blue eye makeup.

Although the first instinct is to look at how to play with colors in blue eyes, green has its own opposite color, as we can see in the color wheel, therefore, it has its own range of tones .

What effect do opposite colors produce? They enhance the color and do not turn it off, so they will not detract from your eyes, but will enhance them. The opposite shades of green are reddish and orange tones .

That means that warm tones will be your great allies:

If you want a more striking makeup, for special occasions or parties, green eyes can also show off incredible smokey eyes . Dark gray tones will look great in this eye color.

And what else should we use? The eyeliner is always an option , both day and night, and the like mascara . For green eyes we can innovate in the color of these products: change the usual black for brown and coffee tones .

With this tone we get a very natural look, without as much harshness as a black eyeliner and mascara can provide. But as always, you have the last word, if these tones do not convince you, you can opt for the classic black.

What shades should green eyes flee from? Of something that turns them off and makes them dwarf. An example of this are the bluish greenish shadows or pigments , which will make the look very monochromatic and nothing outstanding.

If you want to use them, the solution is to start with black or brown, and make a gradient towards these types of tones, such as emeralds. That way, the look will be more intense.

The top products for your green eyes

Now that you know which shades favor your eyes, it's time to materialize it in some pretty palettes of shadows and eyeliners so that you can create the perfect makeup. These are some of the products that go great with your green eyes.

green eyes makeup

green eyes makeup

makeup for green eyes

green eyes makeup

Eyeliners in brown tones:

green eyes makeupgreen eyes makeupgreen eyes makeup

If you are not convinced by these products, you can find many more here. Head over to the eyes category and take a look!

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