Micropigmentation: everything you need to know about it

Hello friends of! How are you? This week I come back with a very interesting post about the latest aesthetic technique that is sweeping, micropigmentation.

Although it is a recent technique in the world of beauty, more and more people are joining it. The main reason is that it corrects the imperfections and scars present on the skin.

If you or someone close to you is thinking of carrying it out, don't lose sight of the post. In it, you will know everything you need to know about her.

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What is micropigmentation?

When we talk about tattoos, many ideas come to mind, but we rarely associate it with beauty. In today's post, I show you how tattoos not only serve to decorate the skin, but go much further.

Generally, when the skin has imperfections or scars, we tend to hide them with different techniques or makeup products. But for some time, more and more people are echoing an effective aesthetic treatment that hides them perfectly. I am talking about micropigmentation.

What exactly is micropigmentation? It is a non-invasive permanent aesthetic treatment that corrects or improves some skin imperfections by implanting color pigments with a small needle. This technique was born in the 90s and is also known as permanent makeup or microsurgery.

In recent years, this innovative treatment has been gaining followers since it is painless and its purpose is to beautify certain parts of the body such as lips, eyebrows or eyes. If in your case, you are looking to repair imperfections or scars caused by diseases such as vitiligo or alopecia, this treatment is one of the most recommended since it can be used paramedically.

As I mentioned before, it is quite a requested technique, but why is it? Well, one of its advantages is that it is permanent. This means that you can enjoy your results 24 hours a day without the need for touch-ups. Although I recommend that from time to time you make revisions in case it is necessary to touch up.

Although you think that this technique is similar to microblanding , it is not. Microblanding superficially pigments the dermis, making it less durable than micropigmentation. Furthermore, in both methods the instruments used are totally different.

Once you have learned a little more about micropigmentation, I will now list the different types that there are.

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Learn about the different types of micropigmentation

As I have already mentioned, micropigmentation is a highly demanded technique whose purpose can be aesthetic or corrective.

Today, there are mainly three different types of micropigmentation , specialized in a specific area or problem of the skin. Knowing how to differentiate them will allow you to know what your case is, how to perform this technique and all the aspects to take into account before making a permanent modification to your skin.

If your eyebrows are sparsely populated or have baldness, with this treatment you will give them shape and expressiveness. By means of small lines, you pigment each hair of the eyebrows obtaining a result of the most natural.

In the case of the eye line , several aspects must be taken into account such as the length, color and thickness that is desired. With it, you will wear a defined and perfect look 24 hours a day without the need for touch-ups or makeup.

Another possibility is to apply this treatment on the lips to correct their shape and make them look more voluminous and intense.

It is also especially suitable for those who have suffered breast cancer. Thanks to it, it is possible to reconstruct the areolas removed after its operation.

To perform this type of micropigmentation, it is essential to go to approved centers that comply with Health certificates and standards.

  The steps for a perfect micropigmentation

But enough of the preambles. We know that beyond knowing a technique in depth, what really interests you is putting it into practice. This is how we got to the last point of the post. Once you have known what micropigmentation consists of and its different types, I will explain how it is done.

If you don't dare to take the step towards micropigmentation for fear of pain, don't worry. It is a totally painless technique , but with some discomfort that can be easily borne.

The reasons for deciding on this technique can be very varied. From small imperfections that we want to correct; less effort when putting on makeup; even serious aesthetic problems caused by scars, diseases, etc ...

What aspects must be taken into account for its use? Before facing this technique, you must carry out a test of visagism to agree with the technician, the final result that is expected to be obtained. At that time, the person in charge of micropigmentation will carry out the design to be made on a template, mannequin or even on the patient himself.

After that, it is the turn of micropigmentation. During this procedure, they are implanted pigments EpiDermTM level ico coloring and shaping areas of the face such as eyebrows, lips or eyes. In general, it tends to be permanent , but it all depends on the quality of the pigment used, its correct use and the person's immune system.

Although it does not cause pain , you may feel uncomfortable sensations, especially in sensitive areas of the body such as the areolas or eyes. Still, it all depends on the sensitivity of the person.

Finally, once the technique is done, you should allow a few weeks to really appreciate the result. Although it is a permanent technique, its duration is limited, so sooner or later, it requires some touch-ups. These are not very different from conventional tattoos, and by performing them periodically you guarantee the best results for life.

And so far the post on micropigmentation, I hope you liked it. I say goodbye until next week, but I will return loaded with new topics as interesting as this one!

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