Natural makeup step by step

How to get a natural makeup

The fundamental requirements for a natural makeup is that the skin is well hydrated so that it has a juicy appearance, a touch of sun, eyes in natural tones and a very subtle lip color. With these simple steps we will achieve a natural makeup that we can take to work, to university, etc. It is about making up without looking like we are made up.

Below we explain in detail how to make up in a natural way

          1. Apply a makeup base

In this makeup we begin by hydrating the skin with a BB cream with a little color that makes a base effect but without being so heavy, since we are avoiding excess makeup. Those who, on the other hand, prefer to use a make-up base, can choose to use a well-blended base for daily use.

          2. Camouflage those dark circles

Next, we correct the dark circles and those imperfections on the face using a good concealer for dark circles. To do this, we have to know our skin type, our tone under the eyes and try correctors until we hit the key with the most appropriate for us. Claudia uses a sponge to apply the concealer well and the Beauty Blender type makeup sponges are used to make the product even and natural on our skin. We also recommend applying the concealer in the shape of an inverted triangle so that it blends better with the foundation.

          3. Give your face a touch of sun

To finish making up the face, as a touch of the sun, we apply a bronzer in the areas of the cheekbones, temples, and chin. With the bronzer we will achieve a healthier and more beautiful appearance.

          4. Color your cheeks

Yes, yes, a little color to your cheeks will always provide a healthier and warmer face. For this look we must use a blush of a not very intense tone.

          5. Make up your eyebrows

Once the face is finished, we now go with the eyebrows. Remember that our goal is to make it appear that we are not wearing makeup, so it is enough to fill in those little holes that we have in the eyebrows and outline them a little. Use an eyebrow shadow in brown, the shade of brown will vary according to the color of our eyebrows, and apply the shadow with an eyebrow brush for more precision.

          6. Choose a light eyeshadow

For the eyes, use a light shadow, in a very natural beige tone as a base for the entire eyelid. So that it is with a little color and well lit.

          7. Line your eyes

The eyeliner is important, since we are looking for a natural makeup but we want to enhance our look a bit so that a makeup is not too boring. Claudia lines her eyes with Milani's eyeliner, an eyeliner in marker format that helps to make the line quickly and easily. Sometimes lining can be the trickiest part of makeup, but this Milani eyeliner is very easy to use . Claudia recommends it as “it has a very fine tip, which allows us to draw very precisely. A 10 for this product! »

          8. Don't forget the mascara

The mascara is essential in any makeup, but in this makeup in particular we want beautiful eyelashes, separated but not too heavy, so there is no need for an excess of mascara layers.

          9. Give your lips a slight touch of color

Finally, we choose a nude tone for the lips. The lipstick she uses is a nude matte finish, also from the Milani brand. Claudia has been happy with the result, she says "the bar is  matte, but it does not dry out the lips and it leaves a super natural tone on the lips".

Some makeup tricks that she uses

For this natural makeup look, Claudia has used some products from the Milani brand.

The translucent compact powders have proven to be a success. They mattify the face and perfect it after using the BB cream.

BB creams can leave the face looking greasy and these powders mattify the face without taking away light or harmony to the whole. They also make your makeup more durable so that it remains intact throughout the day.

In addition to applying the shadow on the eyelids, so that the eyes look natural and illuminated, apply a very natural beige stick  shadow with a little shine on the tear, although you can also apply it on the arch of the eyebrow so that your eyes appear larger. It seems an unimportant act but you will notice the difference in your look.

To make the makeup of your eyebrows look even more natural, pass them an eyebrow brush and comb them a little. In this way you will remove the excess product. Ah! And if your eyebrows are unruly, a good way to tame them is by applying a fixing gel to prevent them from becoming disheveled and remaining intact during the day.

Milani products that you have used for your tutorial

– Polvos transparentes – Prep + Set + Go

–Jumbo Shadow Eyez Pencil

–Máscara de pestañas – Big&Bigger Lashes

–Delineador Eye Tech Extreme Blackest Black

–Color Statement Matte lips

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