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Here I am again for us to explore the exciting world of beauty together! I want you to join me in this post to tell you what's new in perfumes and some information about them . Also, if yours is not the world of l'eau, do not abandon me, because there is also room for you! I will talk about the perfume notes, a key point when choosing one of these products. There is so much variety… But without a doubt, there are some that stand out above others. That is why I have made a selection of the best new perfumes that are currently on the market.

Therefore, I want you to join me in this post for the next few minutes, where I am going to discuss several points:

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The key to choosing perfumes: their scent notes 

The world of perfumes is sooo vast… There are many concepts to define each fragrance, but without a doubt, there is one that stands out above all: the olfactory notes of the perfume. If you are passionate about this world, you will know what I am talking about, but since most of us are not expert perfumers, I am going to explain this method of analysis and classification of fragrances.

This classification arose from the need to create different types of perfumes, due to the wide variety of aromas that exist today (and that continues to increase). What makes a perfume unique are its ingredients and the way in which they are combined , so this is the key to introducing them into a specific olfactory family. For this reason, the mixture of aromatic substances, better known as the perfume notes, will be like its identity, the DNA of the perfume . Do you want to know what they are?

First, we find the exit notes . These could be defined as the 'first impression' of the perfume , since they are the most ephemeral and lightest notes of all. In just 15 or 30 minutes they volatilize , so we stop perceiving them. They are the first chords of the fragrance, but not the most important. When we spend this time, it is time to look at the following notes, which show the essence of the perfume.

Here we come to the heart notes . These are somewhat heavier, they usually last up to two hours . This will depend on the i ngredientes and nature of each skin. They are also known as 'middle notes', and they do not show up until half an hour after applying the perfume.

Finally, we come to the background notes . These are the notes that are part of the most mature phase of a perfume . This makes them take time to be perceived, but we are talking about the essence and the real character of the fragrance in question . That is why they are also known as base notes, which appear at the end of evaporation and mix with the smell of the skin. They can last more than eight hours, and even into the next day. Long-lasting blues such as wood, leather, tobacco and spices such as pepper predominate in this type . They are the ones that change radically depending on the person!

Now comes the time to classify perfumes into families , according to their scent notes. There are several options, depending on the brand or manufacturer. In the Equivalenza perfume store we find the following:

What types! Without a doubt, the world of perfume is so vast that it is difficult to choose. And there are still more things to know ...

Depending on its aromatic intensity , we find different types of perfumes:

Your choice of one type of perfume or another will depend on the aromatic intensity that you want to give your skin. Each of them is designed for a different moment. For example, stronger ones, such as perfumes or eau de perfumes, are suitable for a special occasion, while eau de toilette or bath water is ideal for everyday use.

Whatever you choose, there is a lot of variety in each of the types . If you want to know which are the top perfumes for this winter, join me!

The latest in perfumes for this season 

They say that choosing a perfume is like a love affair. The fragrance reaches your heart, without really knowing why. Suddenly it transmits something to you ... And you no longer know how to do without it!  

Here is a small selection of some of the newest perfumes on the market, collected from the best beauty magazines. Shall we continue?

Gabrielle Chanel, from Chanel . This perfume is the embodiment of legend. A floral fragrance, created by Olvier Polge, that mixes jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange blossom and «tubéreuse de Grasse», the most symbolic flower of Chanel. With the actress Kristen Stewart as the image, this new perfume conquers and surprises with its elegance and luminosity.

Tifanny, by Tiffany & Co. A fragrance that features notes of mandarin, iris, patchouli and musk, created by Daniela Andrier of Givaudan. This floral explosion seeks to reflect the sense of beauty and sophistication of the luxury house Tiffany & Co.

Twilly by Hermès.  Sandalwood, ginger and tuberose are the three pillars of this fragrance directly inspired by the 'carré' of the legendary brand Hermès. A lively, spicy and warm perfume, with a classic and modern touch at the same time. I love your bottle!

English Oak by Jo Malone . Red currant joins green mandarin, white musk and rose to create a unique fragrance, wrapped in a delicate oak cloud. It is ideal for fall!

Kenzo World by Kenzo . The promotional video for this perfume, created by Spike Jonze and starring actress and dancer  Margaret Qualley , has traveled the world for its exquisite energy, freedom and passion.

It is precisely these sensations that this fragrance devised by Carol Lim & Humberto León transmits, a condensation of raspberry, peony, jasmine and ambroxan.

Sexy Ruby by Michael Kors . If you want to enhance your sensuality, Sexy Ruby perfume is the best for it. According to its creators, this fragrance was born to bring out the sexy interior that women carry inside. As it does? With this red bottle with a golden cap and its notes of raspberry, apricot and rose.

Scandal, by Jean Paul Gaultier . This fragrance is a statement of intent. A stopper with the legs up and its notes of blood orange, honey and patchouli, among other warm ones (hallmark of the house) make it one of the most desired perfumes of this season.

Bergamot Bloom, by Carolina Herrera . Paying tribute to the quiet holidays of the Herrera family, this perfume recalls the warmth and elegance of tranquility, without worries and enjoying life. With notes of jasmine, ginger, lemon and bergamot.

Renew or die: the best perfumes reinvented 

After reviewing the best fashion and beauty magazines, I have not only found novelties in perfumes. Following that famous saying 'renew or die', many brands have invested their time and effort in reinventing some of their most iconic perfumes . If you do not like to innovate, here you will find a selection of classic fragrances, but that return with a different touch.

Nectar Love, by Donna Karan New York . You sure know the famous DKNY apple. Now it comes reinvented in a sweet fragrance with honey as the protagonist. Its aroma is completed by some fruity and floral notes (jasmine and vanilla, among others), which make it a soft and juicy perfume.

Miss Dior, from Dior . This iconic Eau de Parfum by Dior pays tribute to flowers with the combination of the rose of Grasse and Damascena and Bergamot of Calabria, to which is added a touch of stick and pink pepper to complete this delicate fragrance.

L'eau de Issey 25 Years, by Issey Miyake . To celebrate its first quarter of a century, this firm launches its iconic fragrance with aquatic and floral notes of peony and white lily, spicy carnation and osmanthus, the perfect combination in a slim, upright bottle designed by Fabien Baron and Alain de Mourgues.

Obssessed by Calvin Klein . With the success of Obsession in the 90s, Calvin Klein triumphs again this fall with the launch of Obsessed, a perfume with delicious notes of white lavender, violet and musk, which reflects the desire and the memory of feeling someone in your skin . You will not be able to stop using it!


Chloé 10th Anniversary, by Chloé. Sophisticated, simple, feminine and natural, a combination that is repeated 10 years later. Composed from rose (the most feminine touch in French perfumery), which returns redrawn, to rediscover this fragrance that has already become a benchmark.


So far my selection of novelties in perfumes. Without a doubt, it is an exciting world that I still have much to discover! They all have a perfect design and their aroma is unique. You have to remember that perfumes smell differently on each skin, so even if you like your friend's fragrance, try it on your body first. There is the key!

You can continue exploring the novelties in perfumes in the fragrance category at. Endless possibilities!

See you soon! 🙂

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