New Year's Eve makeup: the best trends for this year

Do you want to be the first to have your makeup for this New Year's Eve ? There are only a few weeks left until the last night of the year, and I want to be the first to give you the keys and trends of this season so that you can shine on this special day .

Autumn begins and with it, the countdown to Christmas, a perfect time full of special moments in which you can dazzle with your most striking looks . Therefore, it is time to build them. Here you can find the freshest and newest ideas for putting on makeup on the last night of the year , as well as recalling some trends from previous years, which come back reinvented and stronger than ever.

In this post I will show you everything you need to know about makeup for your New Year's Eve:

If you are looking for inspiration to dazzle at the end of the year, this is your place. Get ready to discover the best options for your look.

We started!

'Smokey eyes' and shimmering shadows, do they come back reinvented?

In recent years a trend was created that was very successful: the 'smokey eye', or smoky look. This type of makeup was widely used in all sectors of fashion until it created a legion of followers, who have used it for their party nights, as it was the perfect way to achieve a strong and enigmatic look .

The 'smokey eye' is created with gray, black or dark brown tones, and its elaboration is very simple . First of all, the eyeliner is used to delineate the eye and achieve a perfect base. Afterwards, the chosen shade is applied. Cover the entire eyelid with a nude shade first, and then use a metallic or strong color for the eyelid. The important thing is that it is perfectly blurred .

This New Year's Eve you can continue using this technique, since the 'smokey eye' returns stronger than ever , but with a main variation: the 'cat' smoke . This new type of smoking will make your look more wild, since it is inspired by the feline look of cats . To achieve this, you will have to outline your eye until it ends near the eyebrow .

With this you will get a deep and mysterious look, which you can complete with a mixture of blurred shadows that will make your eyes explosive . When it comes to choosing shades, reddish and earthy colors work very well with blue or green eyes. For brown eyes, the simplest thing will be to play with the entire iris-like range.

If you prefer an even more striking look , there is another trend that is making a comeback for New Year's Eve makeup: shadows with a lot of shine, only suitable for the most daring. With this idea you will get everyone to look at your eyes on the end of the year. Its elaboration is very similar to that of the 'smokey eye', with the difference that these tones are usually golden or metallic , to achieve the perfect finish.

Now that you know how to make up your eye on New Year's Eve, here are the palettes and eye shadows that will help you create a perfect look:

new years eve makeup

new years eve makeup

And now, the lips!

Dark lips with a matte finish, the star trend at the end of the year

As far as lips are concerned, there is a finish that is being the undisputed king of this year, and that is mate. For New Year's Eve this trend continues, so they will be the best option for your lips . This season we have found thousands of colors and textures to choose from, but the colors that will stand out at the end of the year will be dark tones, such as burgundy, plum or brown . These shades will give the perfect touch to your smoky makeup, and their matte finish will highlight your lips to the fullest.

Despite the trends, there are shades that never fail , like the classic femme fatale red . If you want more sensual lips, you can change the dark tones for a pure red. Of course, also with a matte finish .

     new years eve makeup   

After knowing the most used shades for lips, we come to the last point: the mascara. If you want to know the best products for your end-of-the-year makeup, don't stop reading!

Mascara: the perfect finish for your New Year's Eve makeup

Shadows, eyeliners, lipstick… What is missing to complete your end-of-the-year makeup? The answer is clear: mascara. If you want to enhance your eyes and your gaze , much of it falls on the eyelashes. That is why you need a mascara that adapts to your type of eyelashes, to ensure that they are perfect and with the greatest possible length . Your best ally will be the mascara with a volumizing and milling brush, which define the eyelashes and provide a striking look.

In terms of colors, black is still the undisputed king, but there are also options for the most striking, such as blue tones.  In .com you will find an extensive list of mascara for different types of eyes.

If you have very few eyelashes or you want to innovate, there is another option that has become fashionable in recent years among the famous: false eyelashes . They are very suitable for special makeup, such as New Year's Eve. With them you can achieve a unique length and volume of eyelashes. If you opt for this option, you should look for a suitable and quality eyelash glue that lasts all night. Here you can find them.

In short, the trends for end-of-the-year makeup  are very varied, but with several indisputable protagonists. On the one hand we find the smoked 'cat' , which will outline your look like that of a feline. The brown and black shades are your best choices if you want to get a mysterious look.

If you want to be even more daring, add shiny shadows to your eye , which will make your eyes stand out more than ever. For the lips, the matte finish and dark tones like burgundy will give your makeup the perfect touch to ring in the new year. Finally, volumizing masks or false eyelashes will be your best ally to achieve a perfect look.

Despite following the trends in makeup, we have to define our own look . You should choose the shades that best suit you based on your skin and eye color.

So far my post about makeup for the end of the year. Remember that you will find all kinds of products to complete your New Year's Eve look.

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