Peel Off makeup: the shocking fashion that causes a sensation

Does the word Peel-Off sound familiar to you? You may have heard it thanks to the fad for completely detachable face masks, which has been a huge hit in the cosmetic world. It is makeup who now borrows this technique, and the result of this combination will not leave you indifferent. Peel Off makeup is born, the shocking fashion that causes a sensation.

We are lovers of trends, so we did not want to miss the opportunity to tell you about this curious fashion.

Get ready to discover what Peel Off makeup consists of.

What is Peel Off makeup?

Peel Off makeup products really simply consist of tints. Its different shades allow us to choose what type of style we want to adopt.

One of the main culprits behind this trend is Etude House's eyebrow tint, which gives us incredible results. Applied for 8 hours on the eyebrows, it gives a very natural coloring for approximately 4 days. Its great disadvantage is the drying time, so we recommend applying it just before sleeping.

Although it is not a novelty, the Peel-Off makeup technique also allows us to apply enamels to our nails. In this case, the benefit is not found when applying the product, but when removing it. Enamels for one or several days that can be removed without the need to apply products, simply remove the enamel when you get tired of the color.

Peel Off Lip Makeup

Now comes the good. At .com we have tried the Peel Off lip makeup, by hand from Oops My Lip Tint , Berrisom's lip tint that has become so popular. The result? We loved it! Instead of telling yourself, see for yourself.

Amazing, right? Many of our clients asked us if it really works, and the answer is yes. After 20 minutes of waiting after applying it, the lips acquire an irresistible tone that lasts up to 24 hours.

Its great fixing power solves one of the great problems of traditional lipsticks, and that is that it is a nuisance for all of us to have to constantly worry about reviewing our lips for loss of color.

If you too have fallen in love with Berrinsom's Oops My Lip Tint, click here to get it.

We hope we have shared with you a little bit of the enthusiasm that all these trends and brands generate in us.

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