How to get a natural eyebrow makeup

Today we will talk about a basic. How to get a natural eyebrow makeup .

One of the most important things is to frame the look and that is achieved with makeup eyebrows. For those who have not yet dared and for those who have dared, but do not feel themselves, with these guidelines we will achieve a natural result.


  1. With the goupillón , in a diagonal position and upwards, we comb the eyebrow.
  2. Do not draw an eyebrow that we do not have, if we do this, we get it to look stuck and it does not feel natural.
  3. The position of the brush or pencil is very important, diagonally, without pressure, we will simulate the hairs of the eyebrow, to avoid the effect of thick lines.
  4. Do not start from the beginning since, we will have the eyebrow in a square shape and that hardens the features.
  5. We fill in all the gaps and when we get to the length of the eyebrow, we can raise the tonality, as long as we make a fine line.


After these steps, the most important thing is the color we choose and we must also pay attention to the undertone. If we make a mistake in this, even if we follow the previous steps, we will not achieve a natural effect.

- For blondes : ash-brown tones, if you are light blondes, those that tend to ash look very good and if you are darker blondes, light brown with a gray, ash undertone.

- For brunettes : we will use the brown-ash undertone, but with a more raised tone than for blondes. If you have black hair, I recommend using the same color, it is much more natural.

- For redheads : they are chestnut and brown tones with mahogany, copper undertones, in this case they will look good, taking into account if we are light or dark redheads to choose the tone.

You can use products in different formats, according to comfort, here is a list with some examples:

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