Remove pimples from the face? It is possible, here is the solution

They are not the end of the world nor do they usually pose any risk, but we assume that no person likes to wear them. Much has been said about  the best way to effectively remove pimples from the face, that is why we have put together this mini guide so that you better understand these blemishes and can combat them.

Why do pimples appear?

Many reasons have been pointed out as responsible for the appearance of pimples, but we wanted to draw up this list with those that have no doubts.

Feeding . Chocolate or certain products are said to be responsible for the appearance of grains, but no single food can be blamed. The real culprit is fat, since high lipid levels favor these blemishes.

Hormones . Hormonal changes are one of the main factors that cause them. It is in adolescence when this becomes more evident, where the overproduction of fat causes higher levels of pimples.

Incorrect use of cosmetics . Products that are too astringent and irritating end up causing the opposite effect, increasing fat levels.

Tips -that work- to eliminate pimples

Do not touch them . If we handle them, we will end up worsening their situation, and running the risk of causing irritation or infection.

Do not make the mistake of washing your face too much . Wash your face 3 times a day. A higher amount will end up modifying the skin's protective barrier and increasing fat levels.

Steam baths to remove pimples . A steam engine, or with the help of your shower, can become great allies to regenerate your skin in a non-aggressive way.

The importance of exercise . And it is that doing physical activities of moderate intensity will allow you to increase sweating, a phenomenon whose benefits is the expulsion of waste.

Control your diet . As we mentioned in the previous point, avoiding foods with excess fat is one of the first measures you should take. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and water will also help.

Use specific makeup and cosmetics for oily skin with pimples. You must bear in mind that there are products that can worsen the condition of the pimples, so do not forget to use makeup without oils and with a matte finish, designed for oily skin.

We hope these guidelines help you eliminate pimples and obtain a beautiful and well-groomed face.

Useful products to combat pimples

In addition to the guidelines that we can follow to eliminate unwanted pimples, we must also take into account the type of makeup and cosmetic products that we use.

In this list you will find very useful products if your skin is prone to acne:

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