SKINMISO. Goodbye to blackheads

Today we bring you the SKINMISO brand , specialized in facial, anti-acne and anti-blackhead care. Specifically, we are going to talk about the blackheads that we hate so much and that are a real nuisance. But do you really know what they are and why they occur? Well, to tackle the problem not only is a product worth, you have to know the issue and thus combat it in the best possible way.

What are blackheads?

We call them black dots because that is how we see them but they are really only the tip of the iceberg, in fact, when you remove them from the inside they are white. It is not about acne, but about an excessive production of sebum that comes out of the pores, but that, not being removed, is covered by new skin cells, being trapped inside. There it rusts and acquires that characteristic black color. Thus, this black color that we see is actually molecules of dirt and contamination that stick and adhere to the pores of the skin.

Why do they come out?

Blackheads come out as a reaction to the environment and to the outside . If you live in a large city, you are more likely to have blackheads on your nose and face than if you live in a smaller place with fewer people. As our skin is sweaty and to sweat, sebaceous pores open, everything that surrounds you and can somehow contaminate your skin, will stick. When the skin feels attacked by pollution, as a defense it begins to thicken, causing the pores to open even more to expel sweat, and in turn stimulating the appearance of more blackheads.

How to combat them?

It must be clear that to combat and eliminate blackheads, you have to be constant . It is essential to be persistent and turn the care of this area into a habitual routine, as it is the only way to end these points. And don't touch them too much with your hands, as you can aggravate the problem.

The best thing to avoid that they continue to appear is to clean your face twice a day, avoid greasy products and take care that neither hair nor hands touch the face (they provide even more oil) and try that sebum does not accumulate again . We recommend using an exfoliating product on the affected area regularly to prevent its appearance. And for efficacy, SKINMISO cleansing strips, facial foams, pore minimizers and serums are the best.


The Skinmiso brand

SKINMISO is a Korean brand specialized in skin care. Born out of the collaboration and expertise of dermatologists, estheticians, pharmacists, traditional oriental medicine physicians, and cosmetic developers dedicated to solving pore and peeling problems.

Its products have been previously studied, tested and improved to find the best formulation of ingredients and offer the highest possible efficacy.

Let's see the Pore ​​Beauty Nose kit eliminates blackheads, minimizes pores and controls excess oil. Suitable for all skin types.

The kit formulated as a treatment for 10 uses is composed of:

1st Step (10 masks) Eliminate black and white dots. The pores open and expel all the dirt and impurities.

2nd Step (10 masks) Calms the skin and contracts open pores.

3rd Step 15 ml Balance cream or essence to control sebum secretion. Keeps skin silky and hydrated.

How to use.

1. Wash your face with warm water (or steam towel) and stick the patch (Step 1) on the nose and leave for 10 minutes.

2. Remove the patch and any excess blackheads.

3. Put the patch on (Step2) for another ten minutes.

4. Apply the essence (Step 3) on your nose and massage gently until absorbed.

You already know all the external agents that damage and increase the appearance of blackheads. With good care, treatment and following these tips, you will surely notice a change in your face. Goodbye blackheads, hello SKINMISO.

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