Strobing, the simple guide that it puts at your fingertips

It has been one of the most successful trends this 2017. It is Strobing , a technique that uses light to reinvent the way we make up.

Especially if you have fair skin, you can get a lot out of Strobing. That is why fwe have prepared this guide, with everything you need to master this new trend.

Then we can read about the following points:

About Strobing

It is about applying, with the help of an illuminator, highlights on the face , in order to structure the final result of makeup. The result is a shiny and radiant finish.

It could be said that it is the little sister of Contouring , which instead focuses on accentuating the darker areas. And speaking of little sisters, if in her day Kim Kardashian proclaimed herself as one of the Contouring ambassadors, her sister Kendall Jenner has been one of the celebrities in charge of making Strobing known.

How to apply it correctly

  1. Before touching the illuminator . We must make sure that our skin is well hydrated, which will help the Strobing to be perfect.
  1. Primer and base . To smooth pores and unify the tone of the face. At this point we recommend that you opt for a BB Cream style.
  2. Checker time . We are going to prepare the ground for the illuminator. Apply it under the eyes, chin, sides of the nose

  3. And finally the light . We recommend that you use a liquid highlighter, with which the application will be much easier. One that we have tried and it is going great is Night Glow, from W7 , get it by clicking here .

A tip: If you can, get close to natural light, to see how the upper parts of the face light up. It is in these where the Strobing is centered: bone of your cheekbones, in the inner corner of your face, center of the nose, and in the central part of your forehead. Then, blend slightly with the help of your fingers.

  1. And the touch of rouge . If desired, also apply blush to give the cheeks a healthy and natural look.

Clever! As you can see it is not complicated, and the result can be spectacular. If you liked it, have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments.

!See you soon!

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