Summer makeup: the best trends

Hi friends! Here I am for another week with new beauty content for you. This week it's time to talk about makeup trends for this summer. Now that summer is just around the corner, the countdown begins to catch up on the latest summer makeup trends and  the best tricks to show off a flawless look. To do this, I have made a selection of looks that I hope you like and will help you get ideas, and succeed this summer.

As is customary every year, fashion designers give us a glimpse of what the makeup world will wear this summer, thanks to their magnificent catwalks. This summer, the main trends are natural look where the spotlight falls on a shiny and smooth complexion,  l will eyeliners marked and brightness, long brillo.☀

These are the points that I am going to deal with:

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Naturalness and dewy effect, the big trends this summer?

Wearing a natural complexion or with a certain moistened effect, is positioned as the main makeup trend of this season. Although this fashion has already been applied in previous years, this summer it returns with more force than ever. If you are one of those who prefer natural looks and nothing loaded, you're in luck!

You may have already seen this trend in many celebrities and red carpets. Now is the time for you to put it to the test.

What is the dewy effect? The dewy effect is a new make-up method that has managed to displace other great techniques such as contouring or strobing. Also, if you are passionate about matte finishes, it is time for you to say goodbye. Now it's the juicy or “wet” finishes that are in stock !

This innovative technique consists of showing off a glowing, luminous and smooth complexion. Namely; that the face enjoys a spectacular freshness similar to the wet effect on the skin. The main  trick is to hydrate the complexion as it deserves. By doing this simple step, you already have half of your look done.

In case of using makeup base, the best options are those that are emollients, although you can also choose bases with moisturizing properties. However, another alternative would be to  mix your own base with a little oil to obtain a greater juiciness in its finish.

Without a doubt, the step that you can never skip is to  illuminate your skin. With a good highlighter, you will strategically highlight different areas of the face such as cheekbones, bridge of the nose or browbones. Every makeup artist's best-kept secret is applying highlighter before foundation.

The next step is to highlight your cheeks. For this I advise you to use powders with pearl pigments or creamy blushes, although if you like to take risks, many makeup artists are choosing to apply gloss directly to the cheeks and cheekbones. With this, a greater dewy or glossy effect is achieved.

This trend stands out for  giving all the prominence to the skin , wearing eye and lip makeup, nothing flashy. For both areas, the most indicated are creamy textures or glosses directly, as is the case with the cheeks.

This makeup technique is designed for all skin types and all ages. Since what is intended is to enhance the natural and healthy appearance of the skin, attenuating its imperfections and expression lines. This summer you have no excuses to show off a flawless and luminous complexion !?

Here are some tutorials so you can start using this summer makeup trend

Now that you know a little more about the dewy effect, it is time for you to learn to give all the prominence to your look.

Next, I'll show you more summer makeup trends that are going to hit the ground running. Keep reading!

Graphic eyeliner, the star of your makeup

The eyeliner is a basic that should never be missing in any toiletry bag or dressing table. Every year, the eyeliner reinvents itself to make it much easier for us to use it. If you still do not have a good command of the eyeliner, it is time for you to seriously start practicing it. This year, another of the great summer makeup trends is: graphic eyeliner.

You may wonder what exactly graphic eyeliner is, because it is neither more nor less than the "cat-eye" concept of a lifetime. Wearing a feline look, that is the purpose of this trend. Namely; Put aside the classic outlines and opt for thicker and more casual lines. To achieve this, the key is to lengthen the corner of the eye with the help of an eye pencil or eyeliner.

Although the black eyeliner is the most used, this summer decide for colored eyeliners. Another trend this season is eyeliners in pastel tones or in bright colors. It is the best way to give prominence to your look!

Whoever said that putting on makeup was a boring task, was totally wrong. This season you can put all the creativity in your eyes,  creating  geometric drawings along the outline. To achieve this, you only have to draw geometric shapes using precise and very refined lines. The best thing is that you can adapt it to your liking and play with different variants and styles.

Although this type of delineation is not recommended for day to day, it is ideal for events or special parties. Without a doubt, your look will be the protagonist of the moment. 

Without a doubt, the eyes will be the main protagonists of the 2018 summer makeup. Keep reading !?

The shine comes back to stay

Although glitter has already been a trend in other years, this summer will undoubtedly be its key season. For this, this fashion has its own name, Glimmer.

The passion for glitter has grown over the years and we understand why. Glitter makeup not only manages to hypnotize everyone,  but it makes you dazzle wherever you go and be the protagonist of the place. The key to this make-up is to use very bright or super metallic tones on the eyes, lips or cheeks. The perfect occasion to renew your makeup products and reinvent your look!

Currently, there are a multitude of forms and products that help to achieve a perfect glimmer makeup. You can choose to use creamy textures such as eyeshadows, which are applied directly with your fingers. Or, apply the glitter or glitter directly on your skin , needing the help of a brush. Also, it is best to apply the glitter at the end of makeup so that the result is more natural and luminous.

When it comes to making up your lips, put aside the lipsticks with a matte finish and go to the gloss. Once you apply the gloss, put a little glitter on them. You will love its result! In the case of the cheeks, the same thing happens. You just have to put a little shine in the upper area of ​​your cheekbones and you will get a result of 10.

But without all this it is not enough for you, and you are looking for something more, you can take this trend up to your eyebrows. Although it may seem strange to you, this trend is very followed in social networks and there are already many people who practice it. You just have to comb them, pass a little gloss over it and after that, deposit the shine.

So far my post on  summer makeup trends. 

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