Tattoos: how to care for them correctly

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Tattoos: the best ways to pamper them

The fever for tattoos has been growing over the years, and it will continue to increase even more. In Spain, it is estimated that approximately 30% of the population has at least one tattoo.

If you are within that percentage, you will know the importance of taking care of the skin when the tattoo is freshly done. Even so, despite the passage of time, you must continue to pamper it, so that the skin is properly hydrated.

The tattoo could be equated to a small surgical intervention, therefore, proper hygiene and care should be part of your day to day. In this way, you prevent the appearance of bacteria, germs or dirt.

How to take care of the fresh tattoo? When you get a tattoo, the professional applies a bandage or transparent plastic to protect it. The main reason is to protect the skin against bacteria.


But be careful because the bandage should not always be worn. After a few hours, you have to remove it. Obviously, everything will depend on the type of tattoo and how big it is, but, even so, I advise you to ask the professional about how long you should wear it.

Once you have gotten rid of the bandage or plastic, clean the tattooed area with cold or warm water and pH neutral or hypoallergenic soap. The purpose is to remove excess color and avoid the risk of infection.

Once clean, dry it carefully and apply an antiseptic or healing cream. I recommend applying this cream a couple of times a day, for several weeks.

Days after its completion, continue applying cream on the tattoo to calm and relax the dermis. This action is key for the tattoo to finish healing and healing properly.

And what about old tattoos? If in your case, you already have previous tattoos, you will have noticed how over the years, their color degrades. The essential thing is to hydrate it daily with emollient creams and use a good sunscreen, to protect it from the sun's rays.

These are the best tips for taking care of both a fresh tattoo and an old one. But this is not all, there are a series of aspects that you should take into account both before getting a tattoo, and afterwards.

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Recommendations for tattoos

As I mentioned in the previous point, the tattoo is like a small surgery, because during these weeks with a  "wound" on foot l . For this reason, caution before tattooing is very important. I advise you first of all, to select a specialized center that meets the respective standards. And if possible, carry out an ink test, especially in people with skin conditions, or when a tattoo of a specific color is desired.

Once you are determined to do it, choose the correct time of year. With the arrival of good weather, you always want to wear a drawing engraved on the skin. But don't trust yourself, summer is the worst time to get a tattoo.

I recommend you rule out the summer, because the tattoo is exposed to rubbing, bacteria or infections. Also, if you do it, you should know that the pool, the beach and the sun are completely eliminated from your summer routine.


Likewise, it is best not to bathe on the beach or in swimming pools, since the risk of contracting infections is greater. It is advisable to allow a couple of weeks to pass, to be able to enjoy a good bath.

The same happens with the sun, you should avoid exposing yourself to the sun's rays during the first two weeks. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to burn the tattooed area, since it is a wound that has not yet healed, and therefore could lead to skin problems.

Another recommendation is that, with healing, scabs and itching will appear. Even if you can't handle the itch anymore, avoid scratching or picking the scabs, since this is the skin's way of naturally regenerating itself.

Finally, at home, take a shower as you usually do. But do not forget to use a neutral pH soap, do not use a sponge and avoid exposing the tattoo to very long showers, so that the scabs do not come off.

And up to here everything you have to know before and after getting a tattoo. Now it is time to find out which products help to keep the tattooed skin area hydrated.

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The products you should have, if you have tattoos

As you have heard on many occasions, the main product used to care for tattooed skin is the protective ointment, Bepanthol. With it, you accelerate the healing and care of the tattoo. Although, there are also other creams that deeply hydrate the dermis. So, I have selected some products that I hope you like, to hydrate and protect the skin. Look at them!?






These are the creams that I recommend to pamper your skin. As an advice I will tell you, do not use oils or petroleum jelly to heal your tattoos. With them, you will only be able to plug the pores of the skin and that they do not suture properly.

And so far the post on how to care for tattoos. I hope it helps you for old and future tattoos.

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