The best matte lipsticks

Hello friends of! Now is the time to tell you about one of the makeup products that has caused the most stir in recent years: matte lipsticks.

The matte finish on the lips has become the most demanded makeup trend and will probably continue to boom for much longer. There are many famous women who wear matted lips every day and in a wide variety of shades, from the most nude to the most intense colors .

In this post I will show you everything you need to know about matte lipsticks:

If you want to join the most popular makeup trend, don't stop reading.

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Matte lipsticks: how to paint and remove make-up

If you don't have a matte lipstick in your bag yet, I don't know what you're waiting for. You'll love it! Matte lipsticks leave long-lasting and sensual lips, but like everything in life, they also have their drawbacks.

the best matte lipsticks

Currently, the world of lipsticks is very wide, adapting to all tastes, needs and looks.  In it, you can find matte, liquid, creamy, stick or even gloss lipsticks. And not to mention the large number of shades that currently exist?

Matte lipsticks, unlike glosses or satin sticks, are more difficult to apply. So that you do not have problems in its use, I am going to give you some basic tips:

If you like matte lipsticks, but find them a bit dry and shine-free, you can choose to apply a small amount of gloss in the center of your lips.

It is not only important to make up the lips, it is also essential to remove them. Removing matte lipstick from lips can become quite a difficult task . Since its formula is designed so that they last perfect most of the day?

To make it easy for you, I am going to tell you 3 different ways to remove make-up from your lips, without damaging them:

  1. One of the tricks used by many for removing make his lips, is apply some lip gloss on mat e . After that, pass a cotton ball moistened with warm water, from the ends of the mouth towards the center. You will see how in a couple of seconds, you remove all the color.
  2. Another option is to apply lip balm or Cocoa Butter on the lips. Being two oily and moisturizing products, they soften the lipstick to remove it easily.
  3. One of the options most followed by many people is to use a biphasic makeup remover. Simply with the help of a cotton ball, you will be able to leave your lips clean and shiny.

the best matte lipsticks

As you have seen, it is very important to apply matte lipsticks correctly if you are looking for a perfect finish. The same happens when removing makeup from the lips, it is essential that you do it carefully to prevent them from drying out or damaging them.

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Permanent lipstick? Meet the best

Once you try matte lipsticks, you can't stop using them. Trust me! ☺ There are many brands that are joining this trend and are creating their own lipsticks. So I have decided to make a list of lipsticks  that from my point of view, work great and without a doubt, they will surprise you. Sign them all up!

the best matte lipsticks

the best matte lipsticks

the best matte lipsticks

the best matte lipsticks

the best matte lipsticks

This has been my recommendation for matte lipsticks. As you may have appreciated, they are available in bar or liquid format to suit all tastes and needs. I hope you liked them!

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Trendy lipstick colors

Now that you know how to correctly apply matte lipsticks and the different brands that sell them, it's time to reveal the lipstick colors trend this year. As you know, not all the notes favor everyone since it depends on several factors such as skin tone or hair color. Still, don't be afraid to try and join the new trends.

So read on and discover all the shades:

the best matte lipsticks

the best matte lipsticks

the best matte lipsticks

the best matte lipsticks

This is the end of my post about matte lipsticks. I hope you have stayed with all the tips to make up and remove your lips correctly. If you like to be aware of all the trends, you cannot miss the opportunity to have a permanent lipstick in your toiletry bag.

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