Unicorn makeup: everything you need to know about it

Hello Friend ! How are you? This week I come back loaded with new beauty ideas for you. Specifically today, I am going to tell you about Unicorn Makeup: everything you need to know about it. I'm going to tell you all the details about this spectacular fantasy makeup !?

If you want to take advantage of the occasion and try it out for yourself, you just have to keep reading the post. In it, I am going to talk about:

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What is unicorn makeup

If you have tired of so much contouring, stripping or baking, join the fantasy makeup ! If you are also one of those who like to take risks and try the latest makeup trends, you have the perfect opportunity to fall in love with the new trend: unicorn makeup.

That's how it is! A makeup inspired by the fever for the famous mythological animals, the unicorns. ? Although in ancient times, these magical animals were known for their healing powers and for appearing only to virgin women. Today, unicorns arouse passions wherever they appear.

You may be wondering where this spectacular makeup was born ... Well, as expected, it originated in Japan and all the world's celebrities and influencers are already putting it to the test. ?

This original makeup speaks for itself !? Although at first you may think that this makeup is related to the rainbow, it is the opposite. Its essence lies in using very colorful or pastel tones such  as purple, bluish or greenish. Not forgetting the creamy textures and iridescent finishes. 

Next, I give you some tricks so that you can perfectly make up each part of the skin:

This makeup is perfect to wear to festivals, carnivals or your most special parties. With it, success is guaranteed !?

Now that you know what this famous makeup consists of, it is time to know what beauty products help you achieve it.

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Essentials for a perfect unicorn makeup

After knowing the origin and all the keys to unicorn makeup, it is time to know what products you should use when  making it yourself.

These are some of my recommendations. I hope you like them! ?

So far my selection of cosmetics for a unicorn makeup of 10. Now you just have to put it to the test.?

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We come to the last point of the post. You already know everything about unicorn makeup and the most advisable beauty products for it. Now I am going to show you some interesting tutorial videos, where they teach you first-hand how to achieve it.

So far my post on unicorn makeup. I hope it has helped you to have new ideas to show off your look wherever you go.

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