Wedding makeup: the best tips

Hi guys! How are you? Wedding peak season is just around the corner !? If this year you have the opportunity to attend one of them as a guest and you are planning how to put on makeup on that special day, don't lose sight of today's post. In it, I tell you about Wedding Makeup: the best tips.

I am going to give you some ideas and tips on how to go makeup on that day so that you shine more than ever. In it, I will talk to you in more detail about:

What does it look like interesting? Well, now is the time to know everything about wedding makeup for guests.

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How should be a day wedding makeup.

Who has not spent days and days looking for ideas on how to wear makeup to a wedding? When choosing a specific look , it is essential to pay attention to a very important detail that sometimes we miss. It is neither more nor less than the time of day in which the celebration is going to take place.

Weddings are generally held either during the day or at night. Both have different protocols, so the look must be according to each moment.

If you have to attend a daytime wedding  and you don't know what look to choose, keep reading because I'm going to tell you the best tricks for a wedding makeup.

In daytime weddings, the best thing to do is to wear natural and uncharged looks , these are known as nude looks or “washed face”. For this reason, neutral tones are  preferably chosen to highlight the natural beauty of the face, while looking for luminosity.

As usual, before applying foundation advise you employ  factor protecció n . In this way, you will avoid the negative effects of the sun on your skin, especially in this type of weddings that are in the morning.

As for the makeup base , it is best to opt for light bases that do not leave a heavy sensation on the skin. After that, mattify the face with compact powders to avoid the appearance of shine, especially when taking photos. On the other hand, I suggest you use a subtle and soft pink blush on your cheeks to achieve a "good face" look.

We get to the lips !? In this case, it is best to opt for light tones or even nudes. We must banish lipsticks in dark tones such as red, burgundy or purple.

Now that you have known the best tips for a day wedding makeup, don't miss the perfect makeup for a night wedding.

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The perfect wedding makeup for the evening.

If in your case you must attend an evening wedding , you have more variety to choose from! Contrary to what happens with day weddings where naturalness is sought, in night weddings you have to try to be more sophisticated and elegant.

But not everything will be advantages ... At night weddings you have to be careful with the lighting. What I mean by this? Well, the lights of the event can play a trick on you and cause your face to shine more than ever, even when taking photos. So that this does not happen, it is necessary to choose matt makeup bases with great  coverage.

In the case of the eyes, it is best to opt for dramatic looks where dark shadows or the classic "smokey eyes" stand out,  without forgetting the eternal  eyeliner. For the cheeks, the best thing to do is to apply blush in earthy or golden tones so as not to obtain a very pompous final result. Finally, on the lips you can let yourself be carried away by intense red or burgundy lipsticks . Don't be afraid of dark shades !?

But watch out! If you choose to highlight your look, choose a neutral lipstick. On the other hand, if you want to highlight your lips with intense tones, it is best that your look is more natural. The purpose is to avoid obtaining a strident result, and to bring the limelight only to a certain area of ​​the skin.

And so far, the different makeup options to attend a wedding. Now that you have clear the guidelines to follow, it is time to put them to the test.

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Tutorials on wedding makeup.

You already know that when it comes to attending a wedding, you have to be clear if it is day or night. Depending on your schedule, your makeup will be more natural or more striking and based on this, you will select the most appropriate products.

But there is no use reading many tips and advice to follow, if we do not put them to the test. So grab a big bowl of popcorn because below I show you some tutorial videos  from where to get inspiration and endless ideas.

Now that you know all about wedding makeup, I say goodbye until next week. I hope you liked this post and it helps you to get ideas when it comes to putting on makeup for a wedding or even a special event.

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