What blush color should I use according to my skin tone?

Hello guys! How's it going? Today we are going to give your cheeks a little color with blush πŸ˜€ Do you know how to apply it correctly? What shades are they wearing this season? What are the most recommended brands? If you want to know, don't miss this post:

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Tips and tricks for applying blush

The blush or 'blush' has been present in makeup looks for decades. Without a doubt, it brings a touch of sweetness and blush that is very flattering to the face.

It can make the difference between a 'good face' effect or a pale face, as long as we know how to apply it well , since otherwise we can achieve an overloaded and unnatural effect.

The first question is clear: in which area is the blush applied? There is no set rule as it depends on the shape of the face , among other things. As a general rule, it should go just above the contour and under the highlighter, coinciding with the cheekbone .

A common mistake is to apply it in the contour area, although that place is not the most indicated, since it is an area that naturally sinks.

A tip: if you are not sure where to apply it exactly, smile πŸ˜€ and the area of ​​the cheekbones that stands out will be indicated.

You always have to keep in mind that less is more: use a small amount of blush if you do your makeup with artificial light. There is always time to raise the tone a bit, but reducing it is more complicated πŸ˜‰

We must apply it last in our makeup, even after lipstick, so we will be able to better perceive the intensity that we will achieve on the face.

If you have red lips, do not use too much blush, as it will look excessive. If you prefer to focus on blush, use lipsticks in shades of pink or nude.

We cannot forget that the shape of our face plays an important role when applying blush makeup. This is the way you should use according to your face type:

Another important part when applying blush is the skin tone, since depending on it, the blush color we choose will be different.

What blush do I choose according to my skin type?

We all love blush palettes and their innumerable shades, but more than once you may have bought a blush that later does not flatter your face. Although there is nothing mandatory, we can find many tone recommendations for all skin types.

The ideal tone is the one our cheeks have when we blush, and depending on it, we will choose a similar tone. If we do not have pinkish tones in the cheeks, we must choose an intense pink tone to compensate it. The less pink your cheeks are, the stronger the blush tone can be.

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