What is the keratin treatment? Discover all the keys here.

Hello friends of! Here I am one more week to tell you the best beauty tips. This time it is the turn of the keratin treatment , which has undoubtedly already become an essential for those girls with frizzy, electrified and difficult to manage hair. The results are spectacular!

If you want to know more about keratin treatment, do not hesitate to join me in this post, in which I will discuss the following points:

Are you eager to know all the keys?

What is keratin treatment? 

When you hear 'keratin treatment', totally straight hair will surely come to mind . Do you wanna know the truth? It does not straighten the hair, but it keeps it impeccable.

For a few years now, keratin has been on everyone's lips. It is a fibrous protein, the main component of our hair, which gives the mane resistance and shine. When it is damaged, the hair loses shine and becomes dry and fragile , which is why you can already find many products on the market to protect the natural keratin of our hair from the aggressions that affect it the most (sun rays, dyes, irons, contamination…)

As I have already said, this treatment is not specific to straightening, but to hydrate the hair . According to the Pantene stylist, María Baras, it gives a lot of shine to the hair and helps control frizz and volume, but in the past it was also a straightening treatment. Why not anymore? In the European market, keratins are newly formulated (without formaldehyde), so the straightening component is largely removed.

As Baras explains, you cannot generalize with keratin, because the result is different for each hair. There are hair that is quite smooth and polished, which tame the volume in a spectacular way; and others where it only manages to lower the volume a little and control part of the frizz; but in all cases a lot of shine, health for the hair and ease of combing are achieved  .

If we want to achieve a perfect straight, then we will have to resort to the already known as 'Brazilian straightening', since it was born in the South American country more than a decade ago, in response to the indomitable hair of the Afro-American population. After the discovery in Brazil, it did not take long to become fashionable in the United States, and in Spain it has already become an essential for those girls unable to tame their hair.

All keratin-related products help control frizz and increase hair strength. Do you want to know how they work? They fill in the areas of the hair fiber that have lost keratin (these areas are the surface, the cuticle and the cortex), restructuring and repairing damaged hair in depth.

In addition to the treatment you undergo in your hairdressing salon, products that have keratin among their ingredients (combined with other super-nutritive actives such as hyaluronic acid, oils, etc.)  help you to prolong these effects: shine, strength, smoothness and frizz control. .

If you are liking the idea of ​​using keratin for your hair , now is the time to assess the pros and cons of this treatment.

Advantages and disadvantages of keratin treatments 

There are always advantages and disadvantages to everything. How could it be otherwise, in keratin treatments as well. So that you are not fooled, you should know everything about keratin: both the pros and cons of this famous treatment.

There are many followers of keratin, since it is perfect for hair that is not very docile and frizzy. If you are tired of using an iron almost daily, it is undoubtedly a great option for your hair . Here are some of the advantages of using a keratin treatment, according to L'oreal Paris:

Without a doubt, this treatment gives a lot of comfort when combing your hair, and also keeps it hydrated and shiny. But not all are advantages :

Despite these drawbacks, I think it is a great option for hair. Comfort is assured! So we can forget about the irons and pigtails to hold our untamed hair.

keratin treatment

It is recommended to do these treatments in the hairdresser, so that you get a perfect finish and personalized advice. Experts will advise you according to your hair type, quantity, length ... The application of this treatment usually lasts for an hour and a half (at least) and can last up to 4 hours .

If you don't feel like spending so much time at the hairdresser and you want to save a few euros, keep reading.

The best products to care for your hair with keratin 

As I have mentioned before, there are many products that contain keratin, since this ingredient will add shine and softness to your hair, especially the most indomitable ones. If you do not want to spend so much money on a keratin treatment, here I recommend several products with keratin to use at home , with a result similar to that of a hairdresser.

keratin treatment


keratin treatment

keratin treatment

keratin treatment


These are some of the products that you should use if you want to have shiny and silky hair.

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