Whisking: the latest and curious beauty trend

Contouring, Strobing, Baking ... and now comes Whisking. It is a trend in the world of makeup (or TREND as the famous magazine would say) and it has nothing to do with Whiskey, so put away the shaker and pay attention to this new technique that will not leave you indifferent.

We love to find out about every novelty that arises in the world of cosmetics and makeup, so that we can tell you about them and that you can enjoy them.

In this article we will see the following

What is Whisking

Whisking consists of mixing different cosmetic products or makeup to achieve better results . It can be used to enhance the action of a product, to improve its adaptation to our skin or to achieve different results.

Although it sounds totally new, great makeup artists like Lewis Amarante have confessed to using this technique for years. The difference is that now it has become popular thanks in part to the dissemination on social networks.

How to do it correctly

Although there are professional mixers, the truth is that with the help of a bowl or a small container it is enough to achieve a good result.

The term Whisking comes from the world of confectionery. And the main rule is precisely to emulsify each product well. Use a small container, such as a bowl, to mix the ingredients well. Use a medium brush for this.

If you want to mix enough for future applications, camera roll cylinders are ideal. If you don't have any, turn to any container with a lid that you can easily use.

The most popular Whisking recipes
Lipstick and lip balm

The tone of your lipstick will obtain an irresistible shine and great softness. At the same time, it allows us to make up our lips while we hydrate and care for them.

Eyelash serum and lip balm

You will love this Whisking recipe. Mix them and apply it before sleeping on the eyelashes. The result? A treatment to achieve extra long lashes, with more volume and strength.

Moisturizer and makeup base

Do you have a dry face? Mix the same amount of moisturizer and foundation for a more luminous finish. The makeup will last longer and you will keep your skin cared for.

Eye contour and concealer

Your eye contour and concealer can get along very well. Mix them up to say goodbye to dark circles more effectively. It also adds luminosity and hides imperfections.

Oil and hair mask

Mix almond oil with your mask for the best hair repair. We will prevent the hair fiber from opening, we will hydrate the hair and we will be able to regenerate the hair in an intense way.

Hopefully you liked this new trend. As you have seen, Whisking is very easy to do and offers many possibilities. It's time to put on your apron!

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