Your white teeth for a movie smile

The loss of whiteness in the teeth is an inevitable and natural process . But that does not mean that we do not have under our control a series of techniques, habits and resources to achieve white teeth for a movie smile for longer and delay the appearance of spots.

And, although in general we should not be afraid of the loss of whiteness, we all like to wear a perfect smile . That is why we wanted to draw up this list of tips that will help you have a healthier and more beautiful smile.

Your white teeth with a few simple tips

Taking care of daily oral hygiene, washing your teeth thoroughly after each meal, with the previous use of dental floss and the subsequent use of rinsing, are the best guarantee for a healthy and beautiful mouth . Avoiding tobacco consumption is another key, since this is one of the main responsible for the appearance of spots.

Although white wine does not present these levels of coloration, it also contains tannins and a high degree of acidity that can erode the teeth.

Here ends this guide of basic but necessary steps, we hope it helps you to show off a beautiful smile. 😀

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