The Power of Siberian Coal - Black Soap

The cosmetics of the 21st century is marked by one word: natural . And it is that more and more makeup and body care brands are betting on offering 100% natural products, being respectful with the environment. One of the cosmetic firms that are revolutionizing the market is Natura Siberica and one of its most extravagant and revealing items is the Nordic Detox Black Soap , surprising not only in sight for having a charred appearance but for its composition based on natural extracts and endemic oils from the Siberian area.

Do you want to know why it is so beneficial for our skin? Well, pay attention to our post in which we will talk to you about:


The Nordic Detox Black Soap from Natura Siberica is characterized by its dark tone with a charred texture. Why does it have such a characteristic color? Because it is made with activated carbon, from birch wood treated with steam at high temperature. Click here if you want to consult it on our website.

In addition, black soap contains extracts of Schizandra , known in China as the Herb of the 5 Flavors, it is responsible for toning and activating the cellular process of our face, providing much-needed extra protection against external agents.

Contains Sea Buckthorn extract , which helps with nutrition and increases the elasticity of our skin; the extract Cedar Siberian is rich in Vitamin E and P, providing softness and resistance; the mulberry extract contains large amounts of Vitamin C, Omega 3 and 6, in addition to antioxidants, which repair and protect the skin.

Finally, black soap has a multitude of essential oils such as Dwarf Birch, which hydrates and regenerates; the oil Linseed , antiseptic and anti - inflammatory; Sakhalin Raspberry seed oil , with a powerful bactericidal action, which helps to leave our skin clean and protected.


If you have noticed, the texture of this soap is apparently hard. But it's just their appearance. If you help yourself with the bamboo sponge that it brings as a gift, the product will be very easy to apply. The trick? Soak the bamboo sponge well in water.

Once we have the wet sponge, we take the amount we want of the soap and, gently, we apply it on the face with circular movements, avoiding the eye area. Let it act and rinse with the same sponge and plenty of water but with great care.

As it cannot be otherwise, we are committed to nature and we add this and other Natura Siberica products to our catalog, you can find them by clicking here.

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