Ojeras: te enseñamos cómo disimularlas

If you are one of those who wakes up with dark circles day in and day out, stay and keep reading because in this post we show you the best way to hide them.

In this post we will talk about:

Causes of its appearance

First of all, we must know what dark circles are and what are the causes that make them appear. Dark circles are changes in the color of the skin around the eyes, this area shows a different color, darker than usual.
It is an aesthetic problem and most people associate dark circles with lack of sleep , fatigue, illness, seasonal allergies, although there are many people who, even if they get enough rest, their dark circles are always visible. This is because there is a type of hereditary dark circles, due to a genetic factor.

Types: purple or dark

Not all dark circles are the same, each dark circle is a world since behind them there is a different person from the rest.

With this we want to make known that each eye cup has a different color, some are lighter than others and each person has a different dermis. Therefore, you must study your contour and know what color your dark circle is and what type of skin you have (sensitive, very sensitive, dry, combination, oily ...)

Next we will talk about the types of dark circles according to their color .

How to hide them

Dark circles are there and it is very difficult to eliminate them, just rest 7 or 8 hours a day, eat a balanced diet and apply moisturizer to your face. We will take care of explaining how you can hide those dark circles. The best option is to camouflage them with makeup and a good concealer.

You should know that there are two options to correct your dark circles. Either with a good beige concealer, from lighter to darker depending on the intensity of your dark circles, or with a specific color corrector for your specific type of dark circles.

We give you some brief tips to choose your color corrector :

Although these color correctors are very effective for dark circles than a certain color, beige concealers can also be very useful to camouflage dark circles. Choose the tone of beige taking into account your skin color, as well as if your skin is light, the beige will be lighter, and the darker or brown your skin is, the tone of the concealer will have to be darker.

And for you, what type of concealer best camouflages your dark circles? Have you tried color correctors? If you feel like it, let us know.

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