Menos es más, la filosofía del maquillaje No MakeUp

No Makeup is in fashion . It is also known as washed face effect makeup and, in recent times, the catwalks have been flooded with celebrities wearing it and showing off natural and radiant looks. The objective is to achieve an effect that makes it appear that we are not wearing makeup.

Today we tell you all about this trend, what it consists of and how to do it step by step.

Then we can read about the following points.

We started! Read the article to the end and let this incredible trend surprise you.

The makeup fashion No Makeup

#nomakeup ... #iwokeuplikethis ... It is possible that in recent months you have seen famous people share photos on social networks with these hashtags. It seems that marked makeup trends have given rise to this movement, which claims the natural beauty of the face.

It does not consist precisely of going out without putting on makeup (although some famous ones brag about it). The key is to give our face the minimum touches, but that these are enough to highlight our beauty and illuminate.

Less is more . And it is that the dark lips, the contouring and in general many makeup trends of recent times, seem to have caused a "satiety". No-make-up makeup claims the natural beauty of the face.

From Kim Kardashian to Cameron Diaz, this style is becoming more and more popular. In the next section we offer you a guide so that, now, you can also do it yourself.

Your natural makeup step by step

Before we dive into this guide, we tell you that there are many alternatives when it comes to making No Makeup. The perception of the concept of natural finish can vary greatly from one person to another , and more so with so many types of skin and faces.

We have developed these guidelines that collect the most common option for this type of makeup.

You do not need to buy specific products, since No Makeup can be done with those that we can find in most toiletry bags. If you do not have any of them, on our website .com you can find endless possibilities.

1. Before you start

Haste is not a good travel companion. Although we are wanting to discover how to do this makeup, we must first prepare our face. Wash it thoroughly, removing all impurities that may alter the final result.

You should also keep it well hydrated, which will improve the fixation of makeup, and will be the first step to start giving our face a healthy and juicy appearance.

2. We start at the base.


That our makeup boasts, paradoxically, of not abusing makeup, does not mean that we should not hide imperfections. The first step will be to cover pimples, pores, scars and blemishes; unifying the face .

If you also have localized highlights, you can also use a primer. You will not be betraying No Makeup, and you will also get a more durable finish.

And if you want to achieve an even more natural effect, our advice is to choose a BB Cream for this step. You will get a smoother finish, and your skin will also appreciate the care.

We recommend Garnier's B B Cream Pure Active Medium

3. Corrector time.

At this point in the article, it can already be deduced that the path No Makeup follows focuses on reducing imperfections, rather than creating marked effects .

Get your concealer conceals dark circles, wrinkles, and other facial imperfections. We remind you of the basic guidelines not to get lost: use green for redness and irritation; yellow for purple tones (like dark circles); and orange for the darkest spots .

4. Nude effect for your eyes.

Now is the time to focus on the gaze. We recommend that you apply a matte eyeshadow , with warm but natural tones, such as brown or pink. You can skip this step, being essential only if you have a darkened eye area.

In this step we must avoid the feeling of makeup in our eyes, so you should take into account the tone of your skin, and choose the shade that best suits it.

5. Black is optional.

When applying mascara and eyeliner, we must choose between applying them subtly, or giving them up. In case you decide to use the mask, opt for one that is intense black, but has a light texture .

The delineation must be done on the water line and the lash line. If you get lost when talking about the different areas of the eyes, we leave you with this infographic. We have developed it with the idea of ​​simplifying the division. If you have any questions related to this or any other aspect, please let us know through the comments.

6. The rouge.

For us, this is an essential if we want to achieve the No Makeup effect. We will focus on the area of ​​the block to give a touch of life to our face. If your skin is pinkish, use an orange or brown blush.

To avoid a very marked effect, apply light touches with a small amount of blush, thus achieving a natural and fresh effect.

7. The hour of the illuminator.

If you can, have your face facing a source of natural light. So you can see which areas light up, and on them you should apply your highlighter. These will be parts such as the cheeks or the center of the forehead.

Use a very discreet highlighter, and give light touches that allow a nude finish.

8. We finish with the lips.

Here we have two options.

First of all, and our favorite, is to opt for a lip gloss with a very soft tone . The idea is to achieve a juicy and natural tone. For an even more natural effect, simply opt for a shadeless lip balm.

We recommend the Essence Balmy Kiss Lip Balm . You can also find it on our website.

The second is to opt for a bar of lip s . Of course, this should have a matte finish, with pink or brown tones that suit your skin. A variant of the no-make up makeup that we love is to follow all the steps as we have explained so far, but when it comes to the lips, choose a well-marked lipstick. You will sacrifice the natural effect, but these will become the protagonists of an irresistible look.

A little tip : For a more natural effect, take a couple of strokes with your lipstick, and finish expanding it using your fingers. This way you will achieve a more blurred and fresh effect.

As you can see, it is not difficult to do . There are few products and, in an instant, we can turn our daily makeup upside down. We love these finishes for day to day.

Despite having made these steps available to you, you should take them as general guidelines rather than dogma. And it is that many makeup trends are easy to theorize. But in the case of highlighting the natural beauty of the face, there will be as many options as there are faces.

That is why we advise you to adapt this guide to your face . If you can master the no-make up technique, you'll be in luck. You will have in your possession a quick, simple makeup with the best effect: that of highlighting your own beauty.

The forbidden ones of makeup No Makeup

Just as the bases or the blush are two essentials of the "no makeup" style, there are a series of products that it is very difficult to fit in with this style . We are talking, for example, about eye shadows , which although they give a lot of play, do not imitate or enhance any natural effect present on the face.

The outline is also not welcome in the club of natural finishes, due to its marked effect. Lipsticks with too defined colors and non-liquid eyeliner will also give away your makeup.

And here we say goodbye to this article. In it, we have started by explaining what the No Makeup trend consists of, which revolves around the philosophy that, when it comes to putting on makeup, less is more. We have continued with a guide that highlights the use of nude-toned products. Thus, some of the keys are to find a base that matches the tone of your face; or wear a very discreet matte lipstick or lip gloss. Finally, we have indicated a series of products that you should avoid if you do not want to spoil your most natural finish.

We hope it has been useful for you, and you dare to put it into practice. The result will not disappoint you.

Use the comments to let us know your opinion, advice or questions related to no-make up makeup.

See you soon!

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