Hair masks: everything you need to know

Hello friends of! I'll be back for another week with a topic that surely interests you: hair masks . Without a doubt, hydrating our hair is one of the most important parts of our washing routine.

Also, if you are one of those people who loves impossible hairstyles or colorful dyes, you should bear in mind that a good mask will save you from ending up with frizzy and dry hair like a fir tree.

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Hair mask: a must in the bathroom

Without a doubt, it has become a must-have for hair. Its properties act on the cortex, the innermost part of the hair, feeding it from the inside to make it look beautiful on the outside.

Although conditioner and shampoo are also great allies, the mask undoubtedly surpasses them. It is the best product to show off healthy and strong hair . Among its multitude of benefits are silkiness, shine, volume, perfect straightening, preventing hair loss or ending frizz . What more could you want?

In addition, it protects hair from damage caused by dyeing it or subjecting it to the effects of the sun, and reinforces capillary irrigation.

As in most cosmetic products, there are numerous types of masks, adapted to each type of hair and its needs . It is essential that you identify your type of hair and that from there you choose the one that best suits you.

If you have straight and fine hair, it is best to get a mask that balances all parts of the hair so that your roots are not too oily. If, on the other hand, your hair is curly, you will need a mask rich in oils to achieve greater hydration.

There is certainly a world of options to discover. Keep reading!

Tips for applying the mask on the hair 

We all know how to apply a hair mask, but it never hurts to remember it. After washing the hair with your usual shampoo, and applying the conditioner, it is the turn of the mask. Apply it to damp hair, from medium to ends . It is not advisable to apply it from the root, since it will be more greasy. If your hair is short, apply only to the ends .

You can help with a comb so that the mask penetrates better into the strands. Afterwards, let it act for 5 to 15 minutes . Remember that you should never leave the mask for a long period of time (such as overnight), since you will only get the opposite effect: caked and oily hair!

If you want to complete the hydration, you can also use a towel soaked in hot water, the hairdryer or a shower cap , so that the mask works better and you get more visible results.

To finish, remove all the remains of the product by washing the hair with plenty of water (it is recommended that it be warm) , and finally use cold water for approximately 30 seconds. This will allow to close the cuticle, stimulate the capillaries and promote the blood microcirculation of the scalp.

How often should we apply it? It is advisable to use it once a week at least, depending on the state in which our hair is.

However, there are experts who think that a conditioner is better for daily use, and reserve the mask to hydrate thoroughly. Mía magazine points out different routines for each type of hair:

Now that you know more tips and tricks on how to apply the hair mask, it's time to take action: these are our recommendations.

The best hair masks

As we mentioned before, there are numerous options when choosing a hair mask. Brands have created different types so you can get one that suits your hair type. These are some of the hair masks that you cannot miss:


I hope you liked some of these options and that you are encouraged to use yours. Anyway, in you will find a long selection of hair masks.

Here is a video of our friend Lara Ferrer with tips for oily hair and dry ends 🙂

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