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Hi friends ! How are you? This week I'm back with a new post about makeup, specifically makeup for blue eyes. In it, I will tell you all the tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your eyes. So, if you have this eye color, don't miss the post:

It is time for you to know all the secrets about blue eyes and the makeup that suits you the most.

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The ideal makeup for small blue eyes

If you are lucky enough to have this eye color and, in addition, they are small or sunken, at this point I am going to talk to you about makeup for small blue eyes. The purpose is to make your eyes look much bigger.

In Spain, the percentage of the population with blue eyes is very small, only 20%. This eye color is more conducive to northern Europe, where 80% of the inhabitants have them.

If you have blue eyes, feel lucky, as you will meet few people with these types of eyes. Although at first you may think that you have few makeup combinations, you are wrong. You can get a lot out of your look, you just have to take into account some factors.

To make up small blue eyes, you just have to focus on achieving a natural and luminous look. Namely; use makeup products whose shades are subtle and clear . First, apply a shadow similar to your skin tone, on both eyelids. This will act as a base, to fix the rest of the shadows that you deposit later. Next, deposit on the mobile eyelid, a satin shade in salmon tone,  in this way, you bring that touch of light to your eyes.

It's time to line your eyes! First, line the lower lashes of your eyes with a light blue or light blue shadow . Next, with the help of a white eyeliner, mark the water line. This is the main trick to make your eyes appear bigger than they are.

To conclude, it is the turn to draw a black or brown line , flush with the upper lashes. The key is not to reach the tear duct and to make the trace as fine as possible. And never forget the mascara !?

So far the tricks to enlarge your small blue eyes. In the next point, I will tell you about makeup for blue eyes on a day-to-day basis.

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How to make up your blue eyes for day to day

As you may have heard on other occasions, day-to-day makeup must be natural and bright, especially for blue eyes. Blue pupils are cold in color, so the best option is to use opposite tones; that is, warm colors such as brown, pink or beige. Likewise, you should avoid using shades similar to those of your eyes, since you would not highlight your own eyes or makeup. If you follow these guidelines, you will be able to naturally highlight the beauty of your eyes.

Whether it's to go to work, for a morning walk or for lunch, create light and unremarkable looks. Although this post is about eye makeup, you should not leave out your face. Therefore, before starting to apply makeup, correct imperfections and evens out your skin tone.

Now is the time to make up your blue eyes! Preferably opt for pink, coral, beige or light brown shadows, especially if your skin is fair. Otherwise, opt for golden shades. These are the colors that should never be lacking in your eyeshadow palette, but without a doubt, the shade that best favors blue eyes are vision browns. You will notice how you soften the look, illuminate it and also soften your features.

The next step is to outline your eyes. To do this, use eyeliners whose color is similar to that of your iris, either green or silver, since if you use black eyeliners you will only be able to cool the look and make it look more dramatic. Finally, don't forget to use your favorite mascara , preferably  brown masks. This way you will achieve a natural and perfect look.

Now that you know everything about blue eye makeup for day to day, it's the moment that you know the perfect evening look.

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Evening makeup for blue eyes

Highlighting your blue eyes for an evening look can become a simple task. The purple shades, purple or black can become your greatest allies. With them, you will intensify the color of your pupils, placing all the attention and prominence in your eyes. Also, you can't forget about eyeliner and mascara.

Before starting to make up your eyes, I recommend using a shadow primer . This way you will ensure that the makeup lasts intact throughout the night, without the need for touch-ups.

Next, I suggest a series of looks that I hope you like and serve to create them yourself. In the category of eyes you will find numerous products to create them.

You already know everything about the looks that best suit blue eyes. Now is the time for you to put it into practice.

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Tutorials to make up your blue eyes

You have already discovered that blue eyes are not as complicated to make up as you thought, you just have to choose warm tones that highlight and illuminate the look. Also, you have different ways to combine the shadows, eyeliners, mascara ...

But theory is useless if we do not put it into practice. For this reason, I have selected some tutorial videos where they show how to make up blue eyes and use the tricks that I gave you earlier. Grab popcorn and blankets we started.?

So far my post on makeup for blue eyes. I hope it has helped you to have new ideas on how to highlight our look.

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