Bold Metals, the futuristic brushes from Real Techniques

Makeup application tools are always a good investment , and you're in the right place to find out. Welcome to the wonderful, spectacular, unique and attractive 'Bold Metals brushes! A complete collection of the Real Techniques brand, recognized and well-known low cost brush making brand that as it has grown has been professionalizing itself to position itself as one of the best valued in terms of its attractiveness, design and quality.

These “Premium” brushes, with shapes and packaging very different from the regular Real Techniques line , are the work of the famous Chapman sisters, youtubers and professional makeup artists who decided to launch them on the market after their videos were seen by thousands of people . On this occasion, they bring us an improved and more complete version of their invention that combines the elegance of metal with the incredible softness of quality synthetic fibers and with the lightness of the weight of the handle, just to give you the control and comfort you need. at the time of makeup.

Do you already have long teeth? . Well, keep reading, because you are going to need to sharpen them.

Specially designed to make art with your makeup , and even beautiful to decorate your apartment, this complete collection consists of four face brushes and three eye brushes, with a luxurious metallic design . 7 very soft synthetic hair brushes, with light metal handles, comfortable to use and with an elegant appearance. And calm down because despite being seven brushes you will not get lost when using them, since each brush has a different colored handle and they are classified into 3 groups : Gold (for the foundation, powder or liquid), Platinum: (for the eyes) and Rose Gold (to finish with a blush, bronzer or highlighter finish).

Precious just by looking at them, they combine professional use, quality, softness, lightness ... All with the aim of a better control and finish of each specific product that you apply to your face.

The brush revolution has arrived! Ready for the metal adventure? .

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