Facial toner: is it important to use it in our cleansing routine?

Hello Friend! Today we return with a new topic dedicated to the skin: the facial toner . Do you use it in your daily cleaning? Do you know what its benefits are? If you want to know everything about this product you cannot miss the post 😀

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Facial toner, should I use it in my cleansing routine?

It is perhaps one of the most misunderstood products in the cleaning routine. We all know what a tonic is, but in most cases we do not use it frequently and we do not classify it as essential for the skin.

It is one of the great doubts, does the tonic really make a difference? Yes. This product is primarily intended to rebalance the skin's pH after using make-up removal and cleansing products, preparing it for subsequent treatments.

If we use toner, we will get the skin to take much better advantage of the benefits of the serum and the moisturizer, since it removes the possible remains of cleansers, in addition to refreshing the face.

By increasing blood flow, it also revitalizes and rejuvenates the tissues. In addition, in the case of oily skin, it regulates sebum and tightens pores, removing excess oil and shine, while in sensitive skin it reduces redness and irritation thanks to its soothing effect.

The solution is clear: the toner cannot be missing from your cleansing routine: it refreshes, tightens pores, hydrates, makes the skin more radiant and prepares it for subsequent treatments.

In addition, in the case of men, it is a good substitute for after shave, since it is much less harmful to the skin.

Let's see how it is applied.

Properties and uses of facial toner

The first thing to know is in which step of the facial routine I apply the toner. It should be used as a second step, after removing make-up from the face and cleaning it.

Remember that, even if they look similar, micellar water is not a substitute for toner , since its function is different. The micellar water cleanses and removes make-up, and the toner is applied afterwards to remove debris and prepare the skin for the serum and moisturizer.

You can apply it twice a day, in the morning and evening routine. In addition, you can also use it in the middle of the day, to refresh your face and cleanse it of impurities that accumulate on your skin.

How do we apply it? The most common option is to use a cotton pad, gently patting the skin or making gentle circular motions.

If you don't want to use cotton, you can apply it with the palms of your hands, without rubbing, giving light touches.

They are also available in spray format , so in that case we can apply it directly to the skin, as a mist.

Once applied, we will only have to wait for it to dry, to use the next product.

As in the rest of beauty and facial routine products, there are many different tonics, designed to meet the needs of each skin type.

Now is the time to transform these ideas into a concrete product. Choose the one that best suits your skin!

Choose the toner according to your skin type

Whatever skin you have, don't worry, because there is a special toner for each skin type. You won't be able to do without it! These are the best low cost tonics:

Oily skin 

facial tonic

facial tonic


Sensitive skin

facial tonic

facial tonic

Mixed skin

facial tonic

facial tonic

Dry Skin

And so far the selection of facial tonics. As you can see, there are all types and designed to solve any skin problem.

There is no doubt that the toner is an essential step in the facial cleansing routine. If you want to know what are the steps to follow and all the products you should use, in this post you will find all the detailed information explained step by step.

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