Stripping: the latest makeup technique

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Today I come with a new makeup technique that is revolutionizing the world of beauty and that you will surely not be able to resist trying. It's about more and no less than Stripping.

Although her name may not be familiar to you, don't worry because in today's post I'm going to tell you all about her. The intention of this technique is to show off a tan as real and natural as possible.

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Stripping - what is it?

We are currently in an era where new makeup techniques such as strobing, draping, baking or the famous contouring do not stop appearing. Each of them has a specific function such as contouring, rejuvenating or brightening the complexion.

Now that summer is just around the corner and with it, the desire to show off a perfect tan every day of the year.☀ A new makeup technique appears, stripping or also known as sun stripping .

What does this technique consist of? This seeks to simulate the tan obtained by the sun's rays when we are enjoying a day at the beach or field. Namely; the typical tan from when we forget to use protection factor on the face. Given this, I insist again on the importance of using a good protection factor daily that fights against UVA and UV rays.

The great beauty experts already assure that this revolutionary technique will manage to unseat the much loved and successful contouring. Contrary to contouring, which seeks a more marked finish, in addition to covering imperfections. The stripping aims to achieve a  natural and simple result , and that burned skin effect as if you had just left the beach.

And you may wonder whose idea this technique was… Well, stripping began to gain fame thanks to Benefit's director of trends, Lisa Potter-Dixon. Due to this, more and more celebrities have used this technique, in addition to being seen on the most international fashion catwalks.

What is your advantage? It is fast and easy to use. To do this, you only need the help of a few bronzing powders and apply them from one cheek to another, above the nose.

Read on for the steps!

The steps to a perfect stripping.

Now that you are clear about what stripping consists of, I will explain to you what are the phases that must be followed to show off a perfect result.

As I have mentioned before, stripping is a fairly quick and easy technique to perform, since you only have to have some good bronzing powders on hand . To make the finish more natural, I advise you to use matte powders  .

The purpose is to draw a subtle horizontal line similar to the one you get when you tan in the sun. Follow the following instructions that I give you for it !:

Important! You should avoid artificial cuts to the complexion. To do this, the key is to blur well. If you prefer, you can also choose to tan other parts of the skin such as forehead or chin.

Although I have already explained the guidelines on how to perform stripping, it is always better to complement it with tutorial videos where they show it in detail.

Now that you know everything about this wonderful makeup technique, I am going to tell you about the best bronzing powders that you can use to do it.

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The best products for stripping.

The post is coming to an end ... After knowing what stripping consists of and how it is done, it is time to find out what are those key bronzing powders to do it yourself.

Here are my best suggestions. I hope you like them!?


And so far the post about stripping. Now that you know everything about this new technique, I say goodbye until next week. I will come loaded with more curiosities!

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