Makeup and cosmetics myths (and some truths)

That is why we have decided to write this article, in which we will analyze some of the truths and lies about makeup and cosmetics .

Makeup myths and some truths

We are already beginning to demystify and give truth to some of the widespread ideas. Although it will not always be so simple, since there are not always absolute truths, so we will clarify each point in which there is some controversy.

Any soap is used to clean the face.

False . For example, we should not use bath soaps for the face, as it can cause adverse reactions. Find one that suits your skin type and wear it when you get out of the shower.

Makeup does not expire.

Fake. All makeup products have an expiration date, and it is convenient to keep them in mind so as not to alter the results.

Citrus fruits create blemishes on the skin.

False . The consumption of citrus fruits has nothing to do with skin blemishes. What is certain is that if it comes into direct contact with the skin, and then we expose ourselves to the sun, spots and burns can occur.



That a product is hypoallergenic reduces the risk of allergy to 0%.

Fake. There is always the risk that some ingredient that your skin does not accept well will cause an adverse reaction.

It is advisable to remove make-up even if you have not used make-up.

True . The pollution to which it is exposed every day, makes the skin of our face have to receive its daily dose of soap and toner.

Oily skin does not need hydration.

False . No type of skin gets rid of the need for a good water supply. If your skin is oily, use products that do not stimulate lipid production.

If my foundation has protection factor, I forget to use sunscreen.

False . The protective factors that may include foundations or other makeup products are only a help. If you are going to be exposed to low solar radiation for a short time, it can be useful. But for prolonged exposures or high doses of radiation they require a specific sunscreen.

Ice to reduce dark circles.

False . This is one of the most widespread makeup myths. Exposure to such intense cold can cause burns, so it is only recommended to apply it in case of inflammations.

The bases do not let my skin breathe.

True . If you use foundations to cover your skin every day, you end up clogging pores and making it difficult for it to breathe. What we recommend is to resort to bases with less coverage.

Did you give credibility to any of these myths? Here we finish with this list, they are just a few examples of some of the most widespread makeup myths. If you know of any other, share them in the comments.

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