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Hi friends! How are you? Do not despair that I am here again to continue talking to you about new and interesting beauty topics. This time the spotlight falls on the illuminator?

If you are one of those who cannot leave home without lighting up your complexion, or you are entering the world of highlighter , you are in luck. In this week's post, I am going to tell you all the tricks and secrets of this famous makeup product.

These are the points I'm going to focus on:

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The thousand and one uses of the illuminator

If you can't live without the illuminator, I understand you, the light it brings to the face is not perfect, it is… VERY PERFECT! ?

The purpose of the illuminator is highlight and illuminate different areas of the face such as the cheek, the Cupid 's bow, the tear or the eyebrow arch. In this way, you will give a new shape and dimension to your skin, naturally and without the need for aesthetic touch-ups.

illuminator how to apply it

Five are the   main benefits that the highlighter brings to your complexion and that will not leave you indifferent:

But be careful, you must place it in the correct areas, use the right shade and deposit the right amount of product. Otherwise, you can generate the opposite effect and create a shiny mask on your face, which even shines more than the stars. But do not worry, below I am going to give you the steps to apply the highlighter correctly.

The first thing you should do is choose the ideal shade. I recommend that you always use a shade similar to that of your skin:

Second, take into account the texture of the highlighter and your skin type because not all highlighters suit all dermis. Therefore, it is very important to identify it from the beginning:

But ... How should you apply it? The trick is to use it in strategic areas of your face and blend it for a fresh and natural look. For example, you can brighten the arch under your eyebrows to  widen the look. Another option is to place the highlighter in the tear duct of the eyes, to open the gaze.

illuminator how to apply it

You can also apply the highlighter from the cheekbones to the temples for a radiant complexion. Finally, your lips can appear more voluminous with a subtle touch of light in the Cupid 's bow.

Oh by the way! When applying, you can use a fan-shaped brush, a kabuki brush, or your own fingers.

So far, everything you need to know about brightening and highlighting your complexion. But not everything ends in the face, keep reading because in the next point you will discover a hitherto unknown function of the illuminator.

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Body illuminator, the new revolution

Bring the highlighter from the face to the body? Yes, it is now possible with the new body highlighters.

Singer Rihanna was the first to put this type of makeup on the body fashionable, and without a doubt, it looks great on her. Although there are already many celebrities who are following in his footsteps and are enjoying the benefits of the highlighter. Will you be the next?

This modern technique aims to highlight and illuminate different areas of the body like the bones of the clavicles, the shoulders, the tops of the ears and top of the breasts.

Experts recommend applying the highlighter over the body with the help of a kabuki brush, but if you prefer, you can also use your own fingers. Also, I advise you to use liquid or creamy highlighters  And of course, be careful with your clothes so as not to stain them.

More and more brands are creating their own illuminators for the body, such as the example of W7.

illuminator how to apply it

Do not stay without trying this technique that is revolutionizing the world of makeup. It will hardly take time and it will be very easy to apply.

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The most irresistible highlighters on the market

Now that you know how to properly illuminate face and body, it is time for you to know the best highlighters on the market for their value for money.  I hope you like the list of highlighters that I recommend and do not hesitate to try them for yourself. Sign them all up!

glowcomotion illuminator

illuminator how to apply it

illuminator how to apply it

illuminator how to apply it

illuminator how to apply it

illuminator how to apply it

illuminator how to apply it

illuminator how to apply it

This has been my recommendation of illuminators for your face. As you may have seen, I show you a great variety of highlighters in different textures such as liquid, powder or creamy stick. I hope it has been helpful for you!

And so far this week's post. Do not hesitate to share it on your social networks! I say goodbye until next week?

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