Eyelash Makeup - Everything You Need To Know

Eyelashes give our eyes personality and strength, therefore, it is very important to know the secrets about eyelash makeup. We know the importance of first impressions and a penetrating look can be achieved thanks to eyelashes to match.

Today you will know a little better the world of eyelash makeup and all the possibilities that you have at your fingertips to show off unique eyelashes. You will know several tips and tricks about eyelash makeup, knowing that the amount and extension of the same are the key points when applying makeup; You will know the trends for this 2017 in eyelash makeup and, of course, we will see what happens if we neglect hygiene in the eye area.

Tips and tricks on eyelash makeup

If you have noticed the advertisements on television for mascara, they all promise impressive results with lush, long, curly eyelashes ... Right away, we are tempted to buy this mascara, we try it and the result is not what we expected.

Don't worry, it usually happens. And, did you know that the most important thing when applying a mascara is not the mascara itself? Indeed, the fault of a mask achieving the promised effect lies with the Gupillón, that great unknown.

The Gupillón is the 'scientific' name of the brush with which we apply our mascara. There are countless heads with different shapes, which adapt to your eyelashes.

The curved brush is ideal for straight lashes; the pointed gupillion is perfect for eyelashes without volume; We will use the spherical brush in the case of having a shortage of eyelashes; the abundant brush for thick lashes and, to finish, there is the spiral gupillion for small eyes.

Next, you have an infographic about the different gupillions for a correct eyelash makeup. Choosing yours is the key!

Once we are clear that gupillón - the more you read the word, the more you like it - is yours, the next step is to apply the mascara that we see fit.

At the time that we are going to apply it we have to be clear about several steps:

The mask should be applied at the end of makeup. With the gupillion horizontally, we make several zig-zag movements from the root to the tips.

Use less mascara on the lower lashes than on the upper ones. This will make the eyelid, the upper one, reinforce the intensity in each blink of an eye.

Rotate the gupillon with each application and avoid repeatedly wetting the brush. By turning the brush while we comb our eyelashes we will be able to separate them and for the mask to impregnate each of the hairs well. Also, repeatedly dipping the brush in the pot is not convenient. The gupillion is designed to apply just the right amount for each application.

Avoid cleaning the brush on the edge of the container. Doing this causes the excess mascara to dry out and damage the brush.

If you plan to curl your lashes, never do it after applying the mascara. A good eyelash curler can transform our look instantly. This product is essential for Top make-up artists because, after 80 years that the eyelash curler has existed, there is still controversy when it comes to using it or refusing to do it.

Its design is designed to be easy to use, with rubber finishes to prevent it from slipping on your hands and a pad for the eyelashes, thus preventing them from breaking, leaving them curved and well defined.

Here are some tips to learn how to use the eyelash curler correctly.

Use the curler before applying the mascara. This premise should be burned into your head: curl clean and dry eyelashes.

We must place the curler open, approaching it to the eye carefully and insert your eyelashes inside, wait 10 - 15 seconds without moving the curler, leaving it tight. Open it and remove it from the eye area.

You can repeat this operation several times if you want to increase the curly effect and, once we are clear that it is the perfect curly, we will apply the mascara.

Trends 2017

If you are lucky enough to be born with thick, curved and firm eyelashes, you already have a lot of cattle. But if this is not your case, you must take care of them in detail, since any product you use can cause them to break or weaken. Therefore, it is very important to remove them correctly.

We tell you this because the trends that are coming in this 2017 require an almost superhuman effort when it comes to pampering your eyelashes. In short, XXL tabs.

2017 is going to be the year of 'nude' makeup, with makeup that evoke naturalness, with 'natural', dense and XXL eyelashes.

To get our eyelashes to be extra long and curved, we must get a mascara that achieves it since it plays a fundamental role that will make your look the center of attention.

your best allies are false eyelashes

If you are attentive to the world of 'celebrities' you will have noticed that many models and actresses use very natural makeup, but they all wear incredible eyelashes. And, the false eyelashes have penetrated into the new trends for this year.

We show you different styles that will be worn in 2017 with false eyelashes.


The eyelashes are the real stars. To achieve this we must intersperse bunches of extra-long false eyelashes with one eye without makeup. To further enhance the complete look with wide, combed and natural brows, with a few shadows to shape them.

We can also draw thick lines of mascara in several groups of eyelashes and a little color in the tear.

Clean face

This type of look is inspired by the careful and delicate face, typical of childhood, with a 'nude' appearance, which seems to have not been made up. But both the eyebrows and eyelashes play a fundamental role. The eyelashes are worked with transparent mascara and, later, we curl them to seek harmony and liveliness.

Smoked Look or Smoky Eye

This style so recurrent by the great makeup artists for the fashion catwalks, is once again in the eye of the hurricane. This time, it comes back with a base in sepia tones. It is a very elegant look and relatively easy to achieve, with powerful, worked and dense eyebrows; lashes should appear natural, although we can enhance them with touches of black mascara.


Eccentricities and drawbacks

Whenever a new makeup trend begins, alarms go off between the pros and cons of following that trend. Many models and actresses are the first to break the rules and dare to experiment with a new trend, always advised by great stylists.

This occurs with the Bedroom Eyes or After Party trend , that is, an imperfect effect in eye makeup that is achieved by sleeping without removing makeup.

Either due to the laziness of the 'celebrities' or due to a trend, this technique can lead to great inconveniences. Let's see what can happen if we neglect the hygiene of the eye and its surroundings by not removing make-up before going to bed.

The eyelids become inflamed and the eyes become irritated. If we fall asleep with mascara, eyeshadow or eyeliner on, we will find immediate consequences when waking up, such as redness and inflammation. The causes of inflammation are directly related to the ingredients of the products we use, such as the minerals in the primers that cause dryness. In addition, external agents attack our skin such as pollution, cold, tired eyes, heat, etc.

You weaken your eyelashes. It is not advisable to leave the mask since, when drying on our eyelashes, when you sleep, they come into contact with the pillow, the sheets, your hands ... and cause them to weaken since they do not 'breathe' enough, and can affect their fall . In addition, if the next morning we want to put on makeup again, we have to previously clean all the remnants of masks from the previous day.

Therefore, we advise you to take a delicate care and not only for hygiene, but for health. Treat your eyelashes gently when removing make-up since we do not want to lose a single one knowing how long they take to grow.

One of the favorite products for the care and make-up removal of our eyelashes is micellar water. By carrying a certain amount of oil, it is not necessary to rub the eye so much, thus avoiding the loss of eyelashes. Another tip is to use 'waterproof' mascara for watery and sensitive eyes.

And so far this post about eyelash makeup and, remember, that in .com you can find a large number of products related to eyelash makeup.

We await your comments, giving your opinion on them and recommending us your favorites.

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