Gifts for Father's Day - Do you already have yours?

The father, that great stranger. The rush and the nerves arrive because we still do not have a gift prepared for him. If you are a little lost in terms of your father's tastes and hobbies, why not play it safe with a gift or gifts that are necessary in his day-to-day life? we help you with this arduous task and we bring you several possible gifts.

To facilitate the task and that your pocket does not suffer too much, we have made a selection of very striking and varied items so that you can choose one or more, depending on what you want to spend on that person who has helped you in your childhood, has endured in your youth and has supported you in your maturity. Don't you think he deserves everything and more and not just on Father's Day?

So that you do not miss anything, we have divided this post into several sections, with specific products for 'each type of parent':

For those who take care

Fathers, like mothers, suffer the consequences from day to day. The stress of work, the rush to get home, the endless traffic jams ... external aggressions such as the weather, the sun, the rain, the cold, the pollution, cause the skin to deteriorate if we do not remedy it.

If you want to prevent skin with an unbeatable natural care , your option must be in the hands of Natura Sibérica . The East Russian firm is considered one of the best brands of natural cosmetic products and this is demonstrated with the Wolf - Eagle - Tiger Pack , incredibly giftable for our father. The kit consists of a 2-in-1 energy shampoo, a lifting cream for the eye contour and a toning facial cream, all made with 100% natural ingredients.

On the one hand, the Fury of the Tiger 2-in-1 Body and Hair Energy Shampoo provides energy, revitalizes and refreshes after a hard day, helping to hydrate, nourish and strengthen the roots of the hair and the pores of your skin. The power of this 2-in-1 energy shampoo lies in its composition based on Rhodiola Rosea, Wild Ginseng, Tiger Grass and Vitamin C. Made for the confident man.

On the other hand, the Eagle Look eye contour lifting cream offers a strong rejuvenating effect, fighting against the adverse effects of exhausting work or lack of sleep. Made with organic extract of Northern Wild Cloudberry, caviar extract and pure caffeine, the cream contains an active formula with selective action, appropriate to meet the needs of men's skin.

Lastly, Wolf Power Super Toning Facial Cream offers skin protection against everyday stress, fatigue and pollution. The cream intensely nourishes the skin, increasing its elasticity and refreshing from the first application, with an extra energy ideal to apply after a shave.

For the conceited

If your father is a real Dandy , that is, a refined type, conceited to dress, with great knowledge of fashion, with a strong personality and possessor of an exquisite taste for trends and who always tries to take care of his image, we recommend you a gift that lives up to expectations. The American Crew brand knows very closely the masculine care and tastes of the most conceited men. This is demonstrated by his range of products made for him. Like the case composed of a shampoo and a liquid wax to show off nourished, radiant and full of life hair.

Thanks to the shampoo, we will be able to purify the hair from the roots, leaving it hydrated and ready for a unique hairstyle. This is when liquid wax comes into play, for daring hairstyles or that sober 'gentleman' look longed for by some and much loved by all.

To show off a youthful, fresh and current appearance, not only is it worth with a pristine look, the most important thing is to take care of yourself at microscopic levels . Therefore, it is important to take care of our skin, with products made with natural ingredients that protect from the inside. For example, the Montagne Jeunesse men's facial masks, with a purifying effect with Dead Sea salt extract. Click here and discover it.

The way of use is quite simple. We will apply the mask with a clean face, leaving it wet before placing the mask. We let it act for 20-25 minutes or until it dries completely. We remove it carefully with the help of a sponge soaked in water, preferably cold.

For the most soccer fans

If your father is a true fan of the beautiful game and is obsessed with football , why not give him a perfume that captures the passion of his favorite team? Consultation by clicking here Brand Sporting brand  and know what wetalking and launches a fragrance collection that hide the fervor of a fondness for your favorite team.          

You will be able to find the three great references of the Spanish league: Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid . Be the winner of the match by giving away passion, hobby, honor and courage.

For the bearded

Hipster is born, not made. If your father is an unconditional of the beard and you want him to take care of it with care and affection , we leave you some ideal products for the perfect 'beard fathers' for Father's Day.

We started with brands specialized in men's facial care such as Bulldog . If you have a long beard, your skin that suffers under so much hair needs a break from time to time. Changes in temperature, sweat, dirt, even food scraps, can cause your beard and skin to suffer. With the original Bulldog facial cleanser you will be able to leave the skin fresh, free of dirt and unwanted residues. Click here and consult it.

Composed of eight essential oils to cleanse your face and leave it soft, with a refreshing effect thanks to green tea that contains a special ability to treat sensitive or very sensitive skin, if your skin has a tendency to redden, green tea will help you calm the skin, also has an antibacterial action that will decrease hormonal activity, this being one of the causes of skin acne. Unless you are stranded on an island you will need this product.

On the other hand, if you want a direct hint for your father to abandon his beard , and regain a neat and smooth complexion, your ally is Beter's classic razor . With a vintage design and made of anodized metal, the Beter razor is highly accurate with a detachable handle and an alloy head, accepting all types of razor blades. You have it just one click away.

After shaving , we must not neglect our skin and it is essential to use a good after shave lotion. The solution is brought to you by Floïd , a reference in men's care since 1932. One of its star products is the After Shave Gentle Massage lotion, which will soothe skin irritations making it hydrated and smooth after shaving.

For all of them on Father's Day

If after the products that we have recommended you are not convinced, you can go to the products that never fail , articles that will make Father's Day a special day. The classics that never disappoint such as perfume or eau de toilette cases . In our men's perfumes section of  you will find endless fragrances ideal to give away for Father's Day. With brands like Burberry, Paco Rabanne, Adolfo Domínguez, Antonio Banderas… they are so many and so varied that you won't know which one to give!

For example, the Invictus Case by Paco Rabanne, composed of the Invictus Eau de Toilette fragrance in a 100ml spray format and the Shower Gel, also 100ml.

The wild and aphrodisiac Invictus fragrance belongs to the woody and aquatic olfactory family, with top notes of grapefruit, marine notes and mandarin; heart notes of bay leaf and jasmine; and base notes of guaiac wood, oak moss, patchouli and ambergris. You will be a true winner with this perfume.

Another totally different fragrance, perhaps for more classic and traditional parents, is the Bvlgari Eau de Toilette. You can find it in a case made up of the Extreme 60ml perfume, the 40ml after shave balm and the 40ml shower gel.

This case is one of the best bets to give on Father's Day, with an affordable price, and products to match with the Bvlgari guarantee.

And so far the ideas for Father's Day, we hope you have a good day and that you can share it with those you love the most!

Until next time!



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