Red hair: everything you need to know about it

Hello friends! How are you Today I am going to talk about red hair. ? Although it is the least widespread hair tone, approximately 2% of the population is lucky to have it, it requires very specific care.

If you already have red hair from birth, or are thinking of dyeing it red, you have to take into account several factors. Therefore, in this post I am going to talk to you about:

Now that you know the points I'm going to talk to you about, don't linger any longer and find out everything about red hair.

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Red hair: the makeup that best suits you

Having red hair can give a certain air of innocence and delicacy, or instead, transmit passion, strength and self-confidence . This color is becoming the desire of many women, since it separates from the classic black or blonde.

Women who are born with red hair usually have one characteristic in common:  their skin stands out for being quite fair and presenting freckles. For this reason, when making up the face, it is necessary to follow some guidelines, to find the balance between hair and skin color.

Next, if you have this hair color, I am going to give you some tips to wear the perfect makeup. I hope you like them!

And this is all about the makeup that best suits red hair. Now you just have to try it for yourself at home and show off your look wherever you go.

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Red hair coloring and care

More and more people are choosing to dye their manes red. Perhaps it is because it is one of the colors that gives more strength and personality to a look.

Looking to dye your hair red? If you are in that moment of your life, in which you consider going to the red. Keep reading, because there are several factors that you have to take into account, before dyeing.

The first thing that usually comes to mind when it comes to dyeing your redhead is, will it suit me? According to many theories, reddish manes look better on white or pink skin.

Currently, there is a great variety of red tones such as copper red, fire red or mahogany red. Which one do you prefer?

Another factor that you have to take into account before coloring your hair is that red dyes hold better on light bases. Namely,

in manes whose bases are honey, reddish blond or reddish brown. But is it necessary to bleach your hair? Everything will depend on the base. If the base is clear, fading is not necessary. On the other hand, if the base of your hair is dark, you will have no choice but to bleach it.

Likewise, it is quite a difficult tone to remove, as it damages and weakens the hair fiber. In addition, it requires essential care to avoid loss of color , such as:

Now you know all the tips to dye your hair red, as well as the most appropriate care. If you are determined to dye yourself, sign up for all these tricks, as they will come in handy to show off your hair.

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The best products for red hair

If you have red hair from birth, I recommend keeping it protected from the sun's rays, especially in the summer season. Likewise, red-haired manes stand out for being thick and curling more easily than the rest. To avoid this situation, it is essential to use specific conditioners that deeply hydrate the hair fiber. Finally, if you usually dry your hair with heat devices, I suggest that the temperature is not too high, and always dry it vertically. 

On the other hand, I have already told you about the importance of pampering dyed red manes. Unlike other shades such as blonde or brown, the red color suffers more, especially because of the sun's rays and the loss of nutrition.

To keep the red of your hair intact and shiny, I have decided to make you a list of products that could work for you. I hope you like them and they will help you to maintain your perfect hair color for a long time. Here they go !?

red hair

red hair

red hair

red hair

red hair

This is the end of my post on red hair. I hope it has helped you to have new ideas on how to put on makeup or take care of it?

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